Carry out slaughtering for kosher meat

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This standard is about the skills and knowledge needed to carry out religious slaughter for Kosher meat. If you work in this area and carry out Shechita you must follow closely defined procedures. It is also about understanding Halachot (rules) of Shechita and the types of animals that can be used and the Shechita procedures. This standard is for you if your job requires a broad knowledge and understanding of the Jewish humane method of religious slaughtering of animals. For this you have to be a male of Jewish faith and require a licence, from the local authority and the Rabbinical Commission for the licensing of Shochetim (England/Wales) or the Chief Rabbi (Scotland). You will have qualified from Talmudical college and graduated in Yoreh Deah as a minimum for training as a Shochet. This standard is for you if you work in religious slaughter area of a meat facility.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Check equipment and facilities for religious slaughter

  1. make sure all equipment needed for slaughter is available at the

    point of slaughter

  2. check that all equipment needed for slaughter is working and safe

    to operate before starting to slaughter

  3. check that animals are available for slaughter and have not come

    in to contact with animals who are not due to be religiously


  4. check that the landing area is clean and free from obstacles

  5. check that the line is staffed and ready to receive slaughtered


  6. solve any problems with tools or staffing in the slaughter area

  7. follow procedures according to your religion

    Carry out religious slaughter

  8. check the animal is placed in a suitable and safe position that

    meets the religious and animal welfare codes of practise

  9. check that the animal's chest is facing the correct way for

    slaughter and follow other pre slaughter procedures for your


  10. arrange the slaughtering tools in the correct position

  11. operate the slaughter tools in the correct and safe manner,

    making the correct incision

  12. check to make sure effective slaughter has taken place and

    ensure nothing further is done if a time delay is required by civil or

    religious regulation

  13. confirm appropriate action is taken in the case of ineffective

    slaughter in accordance with organisational requirements

  14. make sure that the animal is removed from the slaughter area in

    the manner that minimises carcass damage

  15. check that the animal is correctly shackled for lifting to the

    bleeding or dressing rail after the required time

  16. check that the necessary reporting has taken place

  17. check that the tools have been checked and cleaned ready for the

    next animal

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. that you are operating according to the Halachic rules of Shechita

    1. the rules for the restraining of animals/birds pre slaughter

    2. the rules relating to the Chalaf and positions of the incision

    3. the rules for slaughter of an animal or bird

    4. the rules for the restraining of animals/birds post slaughter

    5. the rules on Chalaf hygiene and the importance of re checking it

    between animals

    1. how to inspect each animal to confirm that slaughter was correctly

    carried out and can be considered Kosher

    1. the rules on bleeding and examination

    2. the importance of animal welfare at all stages of the process

    3. the rules on porging and salting the meat and water temperatures

    4. how to complete the required certification and documentation


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