Intake raw material for milling

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Approved on: 01 Jan 2019


This standard is about the skills and knowledge needed for you to intake raw material for milling. You will need the skills and knowledge to carry out initial checks and cleaning of the material as well as transport the material to holding bins. These steps are necessary for making sure that the material is free from contamination, free from infestation and ready for further processing. You will need to understand the principles of the wheat plant, wheat grain structure and content, the basic varieties of wheat, production issues and the storage of grain. You will also need to understand how to prepare to receive and unload goods and materials to maintain production flow. This standard is for you if you work in food and drink manufacture and/or supply operations and are involved in the operative tasks associated with raw material intake, in preparation for storage and milling.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Prepare for sampling

  1. check that the conditions for sampling are suitable and in line with

    company procedures

  2. select equipment and materials and check that they are fit for

    purpose and available for use

  3. prepare equipment and materials in line with company procedures

    Carry out sampling

  4. carry out sampling procedures in accordance with health, safety

    and hygiene regulations

  5. identify and obtain samples at the specified times and from the

    designated batches of raw material, wheat or ingredient

  6. obtain, label and record sampling consistently and in accordance

    with operational procedures

  7. prepare material for assessment against ingredient specification

    according to operational procedures

  8. record sampling and report to the relevant person

  9. clean sampling equipment and materials to be re-used

    Maintain integrity of sample

  10. record information about the sample for traceability purposes

  11. maintain the condition of the sample in line with operating


  12. protect the sample from sources of contamination

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

Wheat plants, grain production and storage

  1. the basic structure, characteristics and components of the wheat


  2. the basic structure, characteristics and components of the wheat


  3. the critical stages of growth and development of the wheat plant

  4. how climate, soil conditions, fungal diseases and insect pests can

    affect the growth and development of the wheat plant

  5. which countries are the principal wheat growers

  6. the current quantities and trends in wheat exporting

  7. the characteristics of Winter, Spring, Hard and Soft wheats

  8. the trends behind growing wheat in the UK and supply to flour


  9. the common types of wheat intake plant

  10. the purpose of preliminary cleaning of wheat grains

  11. the system and basic machinery for preliminary cleaning of wheat


  12. problems affecting the quality of wheat grains in storage

  13. how problems affecting the quality of wheat grains in storage can

    be overcome

    Unload goods and materials

  14. what checks need to be made on the goods and materials

  15. what handling equipment is required in the unloading of goods

    and materials

  16. what checks need to be made on handling equipment before they

    are used for unloading

  17. why it is important to position the vehicle for unloading

  18. why it is important to make sure the vehicle is safe and secured

    for unloading

  19. procedures for setting up handling equipment if used

  20. methods of handling goods and materials to avoid risks to

    personnel and product safety

  21. visual checks to be carried out during unloading process

  22. temperature controls and other hygiene and food safety controls

    relating to the goods and materials during the unloading process

  23. relevant legislation relating to health, safety and food safety


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01 Jan 2024





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Elementary Goods Storage Occupations, Elementary Process Plant Occupations, Food Preparation Trades, Manufacturing Technologies

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Food; Drink; Manufacturing; Milling; Health; Safety; Hygiene; Wheat; Grain; Storage