Provide food safety information to consumers in food and drink operations

Business Sectors (Suites): Food Safety for Manufacturing
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Approved on: 29 Feb 2020



This standard is about providing food safety information for consumers relating to the content of products.

You will need to be able to identify food related information that will be of interest to consumers and stakeholders and communicate it.

This standard is for you if you work in food and drink operations or animal feed operations and your job requires you to have responsibilities for managing food safety and/or providing product information. You may have management responsibilities for an operational team.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Provide data for incorporation into food labels and consumer information

  1. check that guidance provided conforms to relevant sector, national and international legislation related to food safety

provide information in a way which is clear to understand and highlights issues which are directly related to food safety

  1. co-ordinate the provision of food safety information in conjunction with individuals and teams responsible for the design and production of food labelling and packaging

review proposed food labelling and draft data sheets to check they are in compliance with regulatory requirements

Provide food safety information for colleagues and customers

  1. allocate the roles, responsibilities and levels of authority in regards to the provision of consumer information

co-ordinate the regular review of food labelling with colleagues from operational, product development and packaging design teams

  1. plan the communication of revised labelling with customers and other organisations within the supply chain

brief internal staff as to any changes in labelling requirements

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. relevant sector, national and international legislation related to the provision of food safety information on products
  2. the methods used to inform consumers as to the content of food stuffs
  3. consumer information needs and requirements in respect of each product
  4. the range of allergens which need to be identified on food labels and consumer information
  5. the range of food intolerance causing ingredients that may be detailed on food labels and within consumer information
  6. types of packing, printing and labelling resources currently in use in the organisation
  7. types of labelling and labelling equipment applicable to the workplace and products
  8. the people involved in provision of food safety information, their roles and responsibilities
  9. the organisational procedures to follow when changes to food labelling are required
  10. methods of checking food safety information
  11. how food labelling contributes to the traceability of products and ingredients


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Manufacturing Technologies, Process, Plant and Machine Operatives

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Food; manufacture; hygiene; safety; animal; feed; guidelines