Understand how to maintain workplace food safety in animal feed production

Business Sectors (Suites): Food Safety
Developed by: Improve
Approved on: 31 Dec 2014


This standard is about the knowledge needed to maintain workplace food safety in animal feed production. It is important to understand the importance of minimising the risks of product contamination, cross-contamination, pests and infestation, storage and disposal of waste. It is also essential to maintaining the quality of the final product.

You will need to know and understand the relevant statutory and non-statutory reportable diseases. You will also need to know why it is important to treat and cover cuts, boils, skin infections and grazes and how to do so.

This standard is for you if you work in animal feed operations and your job requires you to enter the manufacturing or processing area.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:


IMPFS103S Maintain workplace food safety standards in food and drink operations

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. how personal hygiene and behaviour affects food safety in the workplace
  2. the different food safety tolerances in the manufacture of food suitable for human and that for animal consumption
  3. the relevant statutory and non-statutory reportable diseases
  4. the importance of treating and covering cuts, boils, skin infections and grazes and how this impacts on food safety
  5. the methods and frequency of the cleaning of food manufacturing areas
  6. the main types of pests and infestation and how they can be recognised
  7. the impact that pest infestation can have on the safety of food
  8. how pest infestation can be avoided
  9. the action to take if a pest infestation is identified
  10. the types of product contamination and cross-contamination
  11. how cross contamination can occur
  12. how the risk cross contamination can be prevented or at least minimised


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31 Dec 2019





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Improve Ltd

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Relevant Occupations

Food and Beverage Supervisor, Manufacturing Technologies, Plant and Machine Operatives, Process, Plant and Machine Operatives

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Hygiene; safety; clean; tidy; utensils; protective; clothing