Produce specialist individual flour confectionery products

Business Sectors (Suites): Craft Bakery
Developed by: Improve
Approved on: 30 Mar 2023


This standard covers the skills and knowledge needed to produce specialist individual flour confectionery products typically in craft or artisan bakery operations. Typical products of this type require advanced craft production techniques and skills specifically to meet customers' orders for specialist products. Examples include wedding cakes, celebration cakes for special occasions and other speciality flour confectionery. Whilst these products are not designed for batch or continuous production, they may be adapted for these purposes through further product development.

You need to show and understand how you plan the production of individual and specialist products to meet customers' needs. You will need to produce these products using advanced craft designs, techniques and skills to satisfy customers' specialist needs. You need to understand how to apply advanced craft techniques and materials. You need to store and prepare your product for despatch, and provide advice and guidance for the despatch of the product. Complying with and understanding health and safety, food safety, allergen and organisational requirements are essential features of this standard.

This standard is for you if you work in specialist bakery operations, and is applied in the context of product development.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

1. identify the resources required for production to meet the recipe and product specification

2. order, arrange and assemble resources to meet production requirements

3. identify any conflicting production requirements with other production activity and resolve with the relevant personnel

4. produce plans that meet health, safety, food safety, allergen and organisational requirements

5. agree plans for production with relevant personnel

6. check the availability of resources to meet production requirements

7. use relevant resources and apply advanced craft techniques to meet requirements of the product specification

8. respond to production related and technical problems to maintain standards

9. identify and act upon opportunities to recover and utilise waste in accordance with procedures

10. comply with health, safety, food safety, allergen and organisational requirements

11. carry out cleaning and maintenance of equipment in accordance with Food Safety requirements and procedures

12. present the completed product to the relevant personnel for approval

13. store the completed product in accordance with procedures

14. provide advice and guidance on the appropriate packing, wrapping and transportation for the product to the relevant personnel

15. confirm that the product meets the requirements of the product specification to the relevant personnel

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

1. to what standards of health and safety and food safety you are required to work, why it is important that you do so and what might happen if they are not met
2. how to plan production for specialist individual products
3. application and use of resources for individual products
4. how to quality control production for individual products
5. how to interpret and use product specifications, recipes and methods
6. correct use of individual advanced craft production tools and equipment
7. behaviour, characteristics and changes of materials used during production and storage
8. recovery, utilisation and disposal of production waste materials
9. permitted use of colours and additives in advanced craft production
10. correct storage for specialist individual products
11. how to provide appropriate advice and guidance for the despatch and transport of specialist individual products


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