Carry out beer packaging in brewing

Business Sectors (Suites): Brewing
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Approved on: 01 Jan 2019


This standard covers the skills and knowledge needed for you to carry out beer packaging in brewing. This standard details the skills needed to carry out beer packaging in accordance with relevant procedures and regulations. This will also cover keeping the storage area clean and tidy, identifying, recording and taking action to correct any changes and problems in storage conditions. Monitoring and maintaining storage conditions is important to product quality and safety. This standard also covers understanding the principles of beer packaging in brewing. It covers the regulatory requirements, functions of the packaging processes, types of packaging, the technical terms used in beer packaging and units of measure. This standard is for you if you are involved in, and require a broad knowledge and understanding of, beer packaging to meet customer, consumer and regulatory requirements in brewing.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Maintain storage conditions

  1. protect goods and materials from avoidable deterioration

  2. implement safety and security procedures in accordance with

    company regulations

  3. keep the storage area clean, tidy and free from obstructions and


    Monitor changes in storage conditions

  4. identify unacceptable variances in storage conditions by regular,

    careful monitoring

  5. identify and record any unacceptable variances and defects in the

    storage facility and equipment

  6. take action within the limits of your authority to correct variances

    and defects to protect goods and materials

  7. report corrective action to the relevant people

  8. use the results of monitoring to identify realistic suggestions for

    improving storage conditions

  9. present your suggestions for improvement clearly to the relevant


    Packaging beer

  10. monitor and control the packaging process in accordance with

    consumer safety regulations

  11. monitor and control the process of bottling/canning and packaging

    of beer

  12. bottle/can and package beer in accordance with a packaging

    process flow diagram

  13. identify the different types of packaging containers

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the organisational health and safety, hygiene, environmental and

    quality standards and instructions

    1. the personal protective equipment required

    2. the work area tools and equipment needed

    3. why it is important to check the cleanliness of work area, tools and


    1. how to respond to alarms

    2. what the definition of packaging is in terms of its conformance to

    meet the needs of customers, consumers and typical regulatory


    1. the concept of due diligence to ensure consumer safety

    2. the quality standards and testing methods

    3. the effects of oxygen and ways to reduce and control them

    4. what the sequence of events are which enable the

    bottling/canning and packaging of beer

    1. what the functions are of each stage in the beer bottling/canning

    and packaging process

    1. how to read and interpret a beer bottling/canning and packaging

    process flow diagram

    1. what the different types of packaging containers are and their

    suitability to meet differing market needs

    1. what the meanings of the technical terms and nomenclature are

    which are used in the day-to-day packaging operations

    1. packaging quality and integrity

    2. what units of measure are used in packaging

    3. what units of measure are appropriate to typical laboratory


    1. how to deal with waste materials in accordance with

    organisational requirements

    1. the need for records to be completed within agreed timescales

    and to an agreed standard

    1. what should be communicated, to whom and why it should be


    1. the limits of your authority and the consequences of exceeding



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01 Jan 2024





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impsd113 (skill), impbw202k

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Food Preparation Trades, Manufacturing Technologies, Plant and Machine Operatives, Process Operatives, Process, Plant and Machine Operatives

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Food; Drink; Manufacturing; Brewing; Beer; Packaging; Bottling; Canning