Carry out cask beer preparation and racking in brewing

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Approved on: 01 Jan 2019


This standard covers the skills and knowledge needed for you to carry out cask beer preparation and racking in brewing. This standard details how the skills required in monitoring and maintaining storage systems are important to the product safety and quality. It also covers improving systems and communications, evaluating procedures and recommending appropriate changes. This standard also covers understanding the principles of the preparation of finished beer for cask racking, and the maturation, storage and handling of cask beer in brewing. It covers the purpose of cask conditioning, the use of finings, hop preparations, cask installations and cask storage. This standard is for you if you are involved in monitoring storage systems and procedures where you require a broad knowledge and understanding of the preparation of finished beer for cask racking, and the maturation, storage and handling of cask beer in brewing.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Monitor storage systems and procedures

  1. monitor and follow hygiene, health and safety and environmental


  2. maintain control systems to monitor the condition of materials and

    the storage facility

  3. maintain control systems to limit risks and comply with legal and

    company requirements and evaluate their effectiveness

  4. complete the necessary documentation in accordance with

    company procedures

    Recommend areas for improvement and communicate with


  5. evaluate handling and storage systems and procedures for

    effectiveness and find areas for improvement

  6. evaluate the impact on operations of any deficiencies in control

    systems and procedures and take the necessary relevant action

  7. make suggestions for improvement to the relevant person

  8. establish and maintain spoken and written communication with

    your managers and colleagues

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the organisational health and safety, hygiene, environmental and

    quality standards and instructions

    1. the personal protective equipment required

    2. the work area tools and equipment needed

    3. why it is important to check the cleanliness of work area, tools and


    1. what the purposes of cask conditioning are

    2. why it is necessary to control yeast concentration and count

    3. what the typical yeast concentrations and count values are

    4. how to condition residual fermentable sugars

    5. what the typical residual fermentable sugar values are

    6. why residual fermentable sugars are retained

    7. why priming sugar is added

    8. what the origin, nature and action of auxiliary finings are

    9. what the origin, nature and action of isinglass finings are

    10. how to store prepared finings mixtures before use

    11. what the addition rates and procedures for finings are

    12. the operating principles of a finings addition apparatus

    13. what types of hops and hop preparations used for cask beer are

    14. why hops and hop preparations are added

    15. how to prepare and inspect casks for filling

    16. typical cask racking installations

    17. how casks are filled and how fill volume is controlled

    18. typical temperature specifications for beer at racking

    19. what the storage temperature should be during conditioning, in

    the supply chain and at the point of sale

    1. what factors influence shelf life of cask beer

    2. how to deal with waste materials in accordance with

    organisational requirements

    1. the need for records to be completed within agreed timescales

    and to an agreed standard

    1. what should be communicated, to whom and why it should be


    1. the limits of your authority and the consequences of exceeding



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01 Jan 2024





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impsd116 (skill), impbw117k

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Food Preparation Trades, Manufacturing Technologies, Plant and Machine Operatives, Process Operatives, Process, Plant and Machine Operatives

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Food; Drink; Manufacturing; Brewing; Cask; Beer; Racking; Yeast; Hops; Finings