Engage and inspire colleagues in a food and drink business

Business Sectors (Suites): Food Business Strategic Leadership
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Approved on: 01 Jan 2019


This standard is about the skills and knowledge needed for you to engage and inspire colleagues in a food and drink business. Engaging colleagues fully with their own objectives and the objectives of the organisation is invaluable in the success of a food and drink business. Inspiring them to feel their contribution is noted and worthwhile is a key skill of managers. Encouraging commitment to the shared success of the business empowers people to commit wholeheartedly to their work. You will need the skills and knowledge to create an open work environment where objectives and expectations are shared. You must also have the skills and knowledge to encourage dialogue, creative thinking and be supportive in time of change. You must have the skills and knowledge to lead by example, praise, encourage and inspire those around you to reach their full potential. This standard is for you if you work in food and drink operations and/or supply operations and are involved in engaging and inspiring colleagues in a food and drink business.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Engage colleagues

  1. communicate the organisational strategy, objectives and plans to

    people within your area of responsibility

  2. check colleagues are aware of their role in the fulfilment of

    organisational objectives and plans and how this fits into the

    strategy of the food and drink business

  3. communicate the consequences of not adhering to and not

    fulfilling organisational objectives and plans to colleagues

  4. create an environment where two way communication is actively


  5. support colleagues through times of conflict, challenges and


  6. encourage an environment of mutual support and optimism

    Inspire colleagues

  7. embed activities to encourage creative thinking into organisational

    policies and procedures

  8. acknowledge and reward creative thinking

  9. conduct yourself in a way which has a positive influence on


  10. use your words and actions to inspire colleagues to strive to reach

    their full potential in the workplace

  11. support colleagues by investing and praising them

  12. actively seek opportunities for colleagues to develop and grow in

    their roles

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the organisational methods of communication and information

    technology and how to make best use of them

    1. why two way communication is important and how to actively

    carry this out

    1. what the organisational strategy, objectives and plans are and

    how to communicate them to colleagues

    1. why it is important to communicate what an individual's role is in

    achieving organisational objectives and fulfilling plans and how to

    do this

    1. how to support your colleagues through conflict, challenges and

    change and the importance of this in creating a motivated,

    engaged workforce

    1. why it is important to create a culture of mutual support and

    respect and how to do this

    1. why it is important to support creative thinking by embedding in

    organisational policy and procedure and how to do this

    1. how your actions and words influence the behaviour of those

    around you and why it is important to act accordingly to

    encourage a positive, supportive and inspirational work


    1. what the challenges are to engaging and inspiring colleagues and

    how to overcome them

    1. how to give support and praise and why it is important to do so

    2. why it is important to be proactive in seeking development and

    career progression opportunities your colleagues and how to do



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