Maximise product sales in a vehicle parts operation

Business Sectors (Suites): Vehicle Parts Operations
Developed by: IMI
Approved on: 30 Mar 2023


This standard is about identifying opportunities to increase sales of a particular part(s) and carrying out promotional activity which increases sales of the product and retains goodwill. The promotional activity must be a definite campaign that is planned beforehand and evaluated afterwards - it does not mean merely promoting products as a part of normal vehicle parts sales transactions.

For this standard parts may be new, refurbished or recycled.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

P1 identify selling opportunities and assess their potential to attract new customers 
P2 identify opportunities which offer the greatest potential to increase sales 
P3 communicate essential features and benefits of products and services to customers in a manner which promotes a buying decision and retains goodwill 
P4 report sales opportunities accurately to the relevant person(s) 
P5 complete any relevant documentation fully and accurately 
P6 provide customers with information about promotions in a way which can lead to an increase in sales 
P7 identify and carry out actions which offer the greatest potential for converting promotional activity into orders 
P8 record the outcomes of promotional activities accurately 
P9 report the effectiveness of promotions to the relevant person(s) when requested

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

*Legislative and organisational requirements and procedures *
K1 current relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice and guidelines relating to product sales 
K2 how to identify and assess sales opportunities 
K3 how to promote the features and benefits of products 
K4 how to promote products in ways that gain and build customer interest 
K5 how to evaluate the effectiveness of promotional activities 
K6 the difference between a feature of a product and a benefit of a product 
K7 how seasonal trends affect opportunities for sales 
K8 competitors’ promotional and marketing activities


1. **Relevant person(s)** include: 

1.1. manager 
1.2. supervisor 
1.3. team leader 
1.4. senior manager

Scope Performance

Scope Knowledge





This section contains examples and explanations of some of the terms used but does not form part of the standard.

Examples include report to an appropriate authority, implement company procedures and make enquiries about unattended items 

Promotional activities
Examples include distribution of leaflets and/or samples, offers of customer incentives

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