Monitor and solve customer service problems within a vehicle parts environment

Business Sectors (Suites): Vehicle Parts Operations
Developed by: IMI
Approved on: 30 Mar 2023


This standard is about solving immediate customer service problems effectively and about changing systems to avoid repeated customer service problems within vehicle parts operations.

For this standard parts may be new, refurbished or recycled.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

P1 respond positively to customers' problems in line with organisational guidelines 
P2 solve customer problems when it is within you own area of authority 
P3 work with others to solve customers' problems 
P4 keep customers informed of the action being taken 
P5 check with customers that they are satisfied with the action taken 
P6 solve problems within service systems and procedures which might affect customers before they become aware of them 
P7 inform the relevant person(s) and colleagues of the steps taken to solve specific problems 
P8 work individually or with colleagues to identify repeated customer service problems 
P9 identify the options for dealing with repeated problems and consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option 
P10 work with others to determine an agreed way forward for solving repeated problems 
P11 select the best option for customers and your organisation 
P12 negotiate changes to customer service systems and procedures with the relevant person(s) in order to reduce the chance of problems being repeated 
P13 action your agreed solution 
P14 keep customers informed in a positive and clear manner of steps being taken to solve any service problems 
P15 monitor the solutions you have implemented and make any suitable changes to ensure that no further problems occur 
P16 implement changes to customer service systems and procedures brought in by your organisation

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

Legislative and organisational requirements and procedures 
K1 how to communicate in a clear, polite, confident way and why this is important 
K2 how to negotiate with and reassure customers whilst their problems are being solved 
K3 your customer's rights and how these rights determine what you are able to do for your customer in respect of: 

K3.1 health and safety 
K3.2 data protection 
K3.3 equal opportunities 
K3.4 disability discrimination 
K4 legislation and regulations that affect the way the products or services you deal with can be delivered to your customers 
K5 industry, organisational and professional codes of practice that affect the way the products or services you deal with can be delivered to your customers 
K6 any contractual agreements that your customers have with your organisation 
K7 the products or services of your organisation relevant to your customer service role 
K8 the guidelines laid down by your organisation that determine what you can do within your job 
K9 the limits of you own authority and when you need to seek agreement with or permission from others 
K10 any organisational requirements relevant to your job, role and monitoring and solving customer service problems 
K11 how the successful resolution of customer service problems contributes to customer loyalty with the external customer and improved working relationships with the internal customer
K12 the importance of customer confidence and loyalty to the organisation and how you contribute towards them 


Scope Performance

Scope Knowledge






This section contains examples and explanations of some of the terms used but does not form part of the standard.*

These are defined as internal and external customers 

Options for resolution
These are using formal organisational procedures, involving agreed and or authorised exceptions to usual practice. 

Relevant person(s)
Examples include manager, supervisor, team leader or senior manager. 

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