Deliver motor vehicle parts to customers

Business Sectors (Suites): Vehicle Parts Operations
Developed by: IMI
Approved on: 30 Mar 2023


This standard is about the delivery of orders for motor vehicle parts direct to customers. It involves aspects of loading small delivery vehicles, safety and security, planning and making deliveries to meet agreed timescales and providing feedback on market information to the relevant people at your place of work.

For this standard parts may be new, refurbished or recycled.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

P1 ensure the type and quantity of parts to be delivered match those listed on your documentation 
P2 ensure that your delivery vehicle complies with company and legal regulations at all times, including carrying out vehicle maintenance checks
P3 plan an effective delivery route that takes into account all local conditions and is time and cost efficient 
P4 load and deliver only those parts that are in a visibly saleable condition 
P5 load your delivery vehicle: 

P5.1 using safe handling techniques 
P5.2 in a way that prevents damage to goods, vehicle and yourself 
P5.3 in a sequence relevant to the delivery schedule 
P5.4 to meet weight distribution requirements 
P5.5 to not exceed vehicle weight requirements 
P6 ensure your load is secure prior to the vehicle moving off 
P7 make sure that all deliveries comply with legal and organisational safety and security requirements at all times 
P8 make sure that all parts orders are delivered meeting the timescales agreed with customers 
P9 promptly report any anticipated delays and/or problems in making deliveries to the relevant person(s)  
P10 safely and securely store any payments collected from customers 
P11 ensure your delivery records are accurate, complete and promptly passed to the relevant person  on your return 
P12 promptly pass any relevant market information gained to the relevant person(s) 

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

*Legislative and organisational requirements and procedures *
K1 current relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice and guidelines relating to the delivery of parts (for example, Road Traffic Act) 
K2 how to drive a commercial delivery vehicle
K3 how to handle loads safely 
K4 how to protect parts from damage during transit 
K5 how to visually check parts for obvious damage 
K6 how to plan deliveries to take account of local conditions 
K7 how to distribute loads correctly 
K8 how to pack parts for delivery 
K9 how to complete documentation accurately 
K10 the importance of not mixing customer orders 
K11 the importance of loading a vehicle in a sequence to match deliveries and weight distribution 
K12 the implications of delivering incorrect and damaged parts 
K13 the legal requirements for vehicle roadworthiness 
K14 your personal responsibilities for delivery *vehicle maintenance *
K15 how to plan delivery routes to enable parts to be delivered in a cost and time efficient manner 
K16 your organisation's procedures for: 

K16.1 health and safety 
K16.2 checking your vehicle 
K16.3 dealing with accidents 
K16.4 reporting delivery problems 
K16.5 vehicle and payment security 
K16.6 payment for goods 
K16.7 completing and returning documentation 
K17 the type of customer and competitor information which should be reported and who to report to


1. **Vehicle maintenance** includes: 

1.1. checking and replenishing oil and water levels 
1.2. tyre checks 
1.3. indicator and light function checks 
1.4. vehicle tax checks 
1.5. reporting any problems to the relevant person and ensuring that they are resolved prior to taking the vehicle on the road

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This section contains examples and explanations of some of the terms used but does not form part of the standard.

Market information
Information about new contacts, staff changes, competitor 'special offers' and price variations.

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