Process orders for non-stock motor vehicle parts

Business Sectors (Suites): Vehicle Parts Operations
Developed by: IMI
Approved on: 30 Mar 2023


This standard is about fulfilling customer requirements by ordering out-of-stock or 'special order' motor vehicle items. Chasing the order and handling all relevant documentation is also included.

For this standard parts may be new, refurbished or recycled.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

P1 check existing orders for delivery lead time prior to placing any new orders 
P2 identify suppliers that: 

P2.1 can supply the parts your customer requires 
P2.2 can specify the delivery time 
P3 confirm your customer's understanding of any conditions applying to their order and gain their agreement prior to raising the order 
P4 gain your customer’s agreement on price, discount and delivery dates and any necessary authorisation prior to placing an order 
P5 gain authorisation for accepting and processing orders when the value exceeds the limit you are able to process, when necessary 
P6 gain the appropriate payment, or the necessary authorisation for special items, prior to accepting your customer's order 
P7 keep customers promptly informed if there are any anticipated delays in delivery accurately and  
P8 offer customers suitable alternatives where applicable, if their original requirements cannot be met 
P9 promptly and accurately record and report the reasons for any lost sales to the relevant person(s)   
P10 follow up your customer's orders with suppliers when required 
P11 promptly report any difficulties in supplying customer orders to the relevant person(s) if required 
P12 update order records accurately upon receipt of customers order requirements 
P13 promptly inform customers of the arrival of their order  
P14 ensure documentation is accurate, complete and promptly forwarded to the relevant person(s) in the required format 

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

*Legislative and organisational requirements and procedures *
K1 how to identify and access potential suppliers 
K2 how to operate the parts identification and order system used in your organisation 
K3 how to check the 'stock on order' situation 
K4 how to identify and calculate the price of special order parts with regards to mark up and gross profit/margin 
K5 how to process and complete documentation for orders 
K6 how to record and report lost sales 
K7 how to update stock records on receipt of goods 
K8 how to communicate clearly, politely and accurately with customers and suppliers 
K9 the company procedure on receipt of the order for non-stock parts 
K10 the types of vehicle and systems that your company supply parts for 
K11 the conditions applying to orders and the importance of informing customers and gaining their agreement to such conditions and which items must always be paid for in full prior to ordering 
K12 your organisation’s systems and procedures for: 

K12.1 the ordering of non-stock parts 
K12.2 discount 
K12.3 booking non-stock parts to customer accounts 
K12.4 reporting and recording lost sales 
K12.5 organising delivery and collection of parts from local suppliers 
K13 the person to whom you should report any problems or difficulties in meeting customer needs 
K14 suitable time scales and methods for progressing orders 
K15 the importance of keeping customers informed of the progress of their order 
K16 the order value you are able to accept without reference to your line manager/supervisor


1. **Relevant person(s)** include: 

1.1. manager 
1.2. supervisor
1.3. team leader 
1.4. senior manager

Scope Performance

Scope Knowledge





This section contains examples and explanations of some of the terms used but does not form part of the standard.

Conditions applying to orders
Examples include minimum order quantities, ‘no return' policies, reduced purchase terms (e.g. VOR), 'payment with order only policies', authorisation by a named person only, etc. 

Documentation *
manual and/or computerised recording systems for ordering, receipt of goods and any payments 

Non-stock parts
items normally stocked but currently out of stock and special orders

Parts *
These are motor vehicle parts (new, refurbished or recycled), any accessories and consumables

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