Follow procedures and identify and report security risks within a vehicle parts environment

Business Sectors (Suites): Vehicle Parts Operations
Developed by: IMI
Approved on: 30 Mar 2023


This standard is about keeping the premises secure by being alert to security risks and following procedures for preventing, dealing with and reporting security risks and potential security risks.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

P1 follow company procedures for securing premises, stock, cash and data
P2 notice when unlocked or unattended areas or items pose a security risk 
P3 promptly report security risks to the relevant person(s)
P4 follow company procedures if someone acts suspiciously or if their behaviour is likely to pose a risk to you or others
P5 report any suspicion of theft to the relevant person(s)
P6 take action within your area of responsibility to minimise risk and maximise protection 
P7 complete accurate reports of any security incidents 
P8 act within company policy when dealing with suspected thieves and data breaches

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

K1 current, organisational procedures, regulations, codes of practice and guidelines relating to identifying and reporting security risks and or potential security risks 
K2 the types of security risk that can arise in your workplace 
K3 the approved procedures and techniques for protecting your personal safety when security risks arise and how to prevent or stop violent behaviour safely and legally 
K4 how and when: 

K4.1 stock could be stolen or deliberately damaged 
K4.2 cash/data could be stolen 
K4.3 the police should be involved 
K5 what the procedures are for keeping stock, premises, cash and data secure 
K6 who to report security risks to, and how to contact them 
K7 when and who to ask for help when a security risk or potential risk arises 
K8 the legal definition of theft and the procedures to follow if you witness a theft 
K9 company policies and procedures for maintaining security at all times 
K10 company policy on the type of security systems and procedures used to protect the premises 
K11 policy on the use of CCTV in the workplace 
K12 how to complete a clear and accurate report providing details of any incidents you have noticed


1. **Relevant person(s)** include: 

1.1. manager 
1.2. supervisor 
1.3. team leader 
1.4. senior manager

Scope Performance

Scope Knowledge





This section contains examples and explanations of some of the terms used but does not form part of the standard.

Report to an appropriate authority, implement company procedures and make enquiries about unattended items.

Security Risks
To include unauthorised personnel, unattended items, entries/exits insecure, commercial/personal data

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30 Mar 2026





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Vehicle Parts Operative, Vehicle Parts Assistant, Vehicle Parts Advisor

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Vehicle; parts; operations; identify and report; security risks;