Give vehicle parts operations customers a positive impression of yourself and your organisation

Business Sectors (Suites): Vehicle Parts Operations
Developed by: IMI
Approved on: 30 Mar 2023


This standard is about communicating and dealing with vehicle parts operations customers in a positive, effective and polite manner. By doing this you will be giving a positive impression of yourself and of your organisation.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

P1 meet your organisation's standards for appearance and behaviour 
P2 greet customers in a way that is appropriate to their needs 
P3 communicate with customers in a way that makes them feel valued and respected 
P4 identify and confirm the needs and expectations of your customers 
P5 treat customers courteously and helpfully even when you are working under pressure 
P6 maintain communication with customers to ensure that they are kept informed and reassured 
P7 adapt your behaviour to respond effectively to different customer behaviour 
P8 respond appropriately to customers who indicate that they need or want your attention 
P9 select appropriate methods of communication with customers to suit their needs 
P10 respond promptly and positively to customers' questions and comments 
P11 allow customers time to consider your response and give further explanation when appropriate 
P12 check with customers that you have fully understood their needs and expectations 
P13 promptly locate information that will help customers 
P14 give customers all information they need about the products or services offered by your organisation that they are interested in 
P15 explain clearly and concisely any information that customers might find complicated
P16 manage the expectations of the customers so that they do not feel that you over promise and under deliver 
P17 refer to guidance when you cannot resolve or adequately meet the customer needs by yourself and know who to refer to for guidance 
P18 deal with all customers in a timely fashion

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

K1 how to communicate in a clear, polite, confident way and why this is important 
K2 how to recognise when a customer is angry and or confused 
K3 what your customers’ rights are and how these rights determine what you are able to do for your customer 
K4 the specific aspects of:

K4.1 health and safety 
K4.2 data protection 
K4.3 equal opportunities and disability discrimination
K5 legislation and regulations that affect the way the products or services you deal with can be delivered to your customers
K6 industry, organisational and professional codes of practice that affect the way the products or services you deal with can be delivered to your customers 
K7 any contractual agreements that your customers have with your organisation 
K8 the products or services of your organisation relevant to your customer service role 
K9 the guidelines laid down by your organisation that determine what you can do within your job the limits of your own authority and when you need to seek agreement with or permission from others 
K10 any organisational responsibilities relevant to your job, your role in meeting them and the implications for your organisation if those responsibilities are not met 
K11 your organisation's standards for appearance and behaviour
K12 your organisation’s guidelines for recognising customers' needs and expectations and responding positively to them 
K13 the rules and procedures regarding the methods of communications you use


1. **Parts** include:

1.1. motor vehicle parts (new, refurbished or recycled)
1.2. any accessories 
1.3. consumables

Scope Performance

Scope Knowledge





This section contains examples and explanations of some of the terms used but does not form part of the standard.

This may be verbal, face to face or via telephone and email 

These are defined as internal and external customers


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30 Mar 2026





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Vehicle Parts Operative, Vehicle Parts Assistant, Vehicle Parts Advisor

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