Comply with company environmental procedures

Business Sectors (Suites): Print Administration
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Approved on: 30 Mar 2020


This standard is for those involved in the implementation, monitoring and maintenance of the company environmental system. It is not designed for environmental control practitioners.

You will be expected to show awareness, interpretation and the carrying out of personal responsibilities in relation to environmental requirements within the workplace and the company's approved policies and procedures. It includes personal responsibilities in relation to the workplace and in reducing the environmental impact on areas surrounding and/or affected by the workplace site activities.

Whether your company operates and is independently audited to known standards, or one that has been designed to meet your own company needs, it is now desirable to have a system in place that conforms to current legislation. Either will add value to your business, both in the attraction of new customers to the company and in your responsibility to the general environment.

The main areas of environmental impact are outlined within the scope/range.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Carry out environmental policy procedures

  1. carry out company environmental policy procedures to include risk assessment and health and safety
  2. check relevant environmental information meets current legislation
  3. identify environmental issues and their causes following standard operating procedures

  4. check environmental hazard/incident equipment/materials are used following standard operating procedures

  5. dispose of waste following current legislation and standard operating procedures
  6. report environmental issues to the appropriate person(s)
  7. monitor results of environmental audits following standard operating procedures
  8. check records are completed and stored in the appropriate place

**Assist in the implementation of change to the environmental system

9. interpret and apply relevant environmental policies to print production department
10. monitor systems following company procedures
11. maintain systems following company procedures
12. propose changes to the system to confirm compliance following standard operating procedures
13. assist in the implementation of any changes following standard operating procedures
14. monitor and maintain changes to the system
15. review changes following standard operating procedures

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. legal requirements of environmental policies
  2. requirements of environmental laws and regulations
  3. repercussions of failure to comply with environmental law and/or other regulations
  4. where to get information on environmental law/regulations pertinent to the printing industry
  5. environmental impact of print production
  6. environmental risks with print production
  7. kind of changes you can make to improve environmental performance
  8. how good environmental practices assists the company's reputation
  9. how good environmental practices improve the company's profitability
  10. efficient use of resources
  11. management of materials
  12. how to communicate the company's environmental commitment to all stakeholders – both present and potential
  13. safe use of equipment in environmental incidents
  14. procedures and practices for waste disposal
  15. reporting of incidents
  16. monitoring of procedures
  17. implementation of changes to plans and systems
  18. best industry practice


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30 Mar 2025





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Printers, Printing Machine Minders and Assistants, Printing Trades

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Print; production; costing; estimating; sales; account; management; environment; systems; quality