Investigate system performance using flow and pressure equipment

Business Sectors (Suites): Water Supply Distribution
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Dec 2018


This Standard is about investigating system performance by fitting gauges and recorders (including data loggers) to measure flow and pressure and collecting and evaluating the data recorded. This could be on the distribution network or in customers’ properties,
This involves determining the nature and scope of an investigation, using data measuring equipment and collecting and evaluating data.
This Standard is for anyone who investigates system performance using flow and pressure equipment on the water distribution network or in customers’ properties.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

1.  identify information regarding system performance from reliable sources 2. determine the nature and scope of an investigation that is supported by identified information 3. determine investigation methods that are appropriate for the nature and scope of the required investigation 4. inform relevant people of the investigation details 5. select equipment that is appropriate for the investigation to be carried out 6. confirm that equipment is in working order and is safe to use 7. confirm that equipment is calibrated in accordance with manufacturers' specifications 8. select appropriate test points to apply equipment 9. apply equipment and confirm operation in line with manufacturers' specifications 10. take relevant action in line with organisational procedures when you identify problems with equipment or in applying it 11. remove equipment on completion of investigations in line with health and safety requirements 12. return equipment in a suitable condition to its identified storage location 13. follow safe working and hygiene practices in accordance with relevant procedures, regulatory and statutory requirements 14. identify data collection requirements from specified recording equipment 15. collect accurate data in accordance with organisational requirements 16. record abnormal results and equipment malfunctions in line with organisational procedures 17. evaluate data to ensure that it meets investigation needs 18. determine appropriate recommendations that are supported by the data 19. provide the results and any recommendations to appropriate people

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

1.  methods of measuring system performance and the purpose of doing so 2. the purposes of investigations and how to carry them out 3. the purposes of recording, and the uses of data in the management and operation of distribution systems 4. data collection methods and collation techniques for different types of recording equipment 5. how to use different types of equipment 6. what is covered by manufacturer's specifications 7. what constitutes an equipment malfunction and the effects of faulty equipment 8. factors that can affect the accuracy of equipment, and the importance of accurate results 9. typical and unusual equipment and application problems and your responsibility for resolving them 10. what constitutes a suitable condition for equipment 11. equipment storage requirements 12. information sources and how to use them 13. how to interpret information 14. how to identify abnormal results, and recording procedures for this 15. what to consider when selecting a test point and the implications of using inappropriate test points 16. safety and hygiene practices and related regulatory and statutory requirements relating to the use of tools and equipment, working in the public highway and personal hygiene 17. how contamination might be caused and the dangers this might pose 18. the types of recommendations which different results indicate 19. information that needs to be provided 20. who to inform about the investigations and who requires the results


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Engineer, Water Network Technician, Water Network Controller

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