Prepare work areas and materials for engineering activities

Business Sectors (Suites): Water Network Construction Operations
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Dec 2018


The Standard is about preparing work areas and materials for engineering activities. This includes taking account of climatic variations, ensuring work area is suitable for storage of pipes, fittings, reinstatement materials and plant, obtaining and preparing materials and ensuring safety arrangements are in place.
This Standard is for water network construction operatives who prepare work areas and materials for engineering activities.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

1. work within health, safety and environment and other relevant regulations and guidelines at all times 2. make sure work environment is suitable for work activities to be undertaken 3. make sure work area is in an appropriate condition for storage of materials and finished products 4. make sure all necessary service supplies are connected and ready for use 5. obtain all materials required in line with work specification 6. prepare materials for engineering activities in line with organisational procedures 7. make sure required safety arrangements are in place to protect other workers from activities likely to disrupt normal working 8. inform appropriate people when preparations are completed 9. deal with problems within your control without delay 10. report problems that you cannot resolve to appropriate people

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

1. relevant health, safety and environment legislation, procedures and codes of practice including those relating to hazardous substances, construction design and management, work equipment, lifting, roads and street works 2. storage requirements for pipes, fittings, reinstatement materials and plant in different weather conditions 3. preparation requirements and methods appropriate to climatic variations and inclement weather including flooding, hot and cold temperature excesses 4. preparation requirements for portable service supplies 5. how to handle waste disposal situations by third parties 6. the impact of different types of work area on preparation requirements including densely populated areas, difficult access, remote access, inter-agency sites, highways, private land  7. characteristics of different pipe materials and fittings, and re-instatement materials 8. the importance of material compatibility with job specification 9. materials handling and preparation techniques for pipes, fittings and reinstatement materials 10. the importance of tool care and maintenance including security measures on site 11. types of work area protection and safety requirements including screens, warning notices, shelters, cones, barriers, signs and lighting 12. reporting lines and procedures including standard forms approved by industry or in company


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01 Dec 2021





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Energy and Utility Skills

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Engineering, Water Network Construction Operative, Water Network Construction Supervisor

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