Monitor the implementation of work activities for network construction operations

Business Sectors (Suites): Water Network Construction Operations
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Dec 2018


This Standard is about monitoring the implementation of work activities for network construction operations. Activities could include, but are not restricted to, excavations, construction, installation, jointing, re-zoning, mains cleansing, making connections, repairing and maintenance. This could be for work carried out by yourself or by other people.

This involves ensuring that conditions are suitable, that appropriate methods and procedures are implemented and that outputs meet requirements. It includes controlling resources, issuing instructions, monitoring progress, identifying variations or problems and resolving them within the limits of your authority.

This Standard will apply to supervisors who monitor the implementation of work activities for network construction operations.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

1. make sure activities are carried out when conditions are suitable 2. provide clear and accurate information about methods, processes and procedures to all relevant people and organisations 3. confirm that available equipment, materials and products comply with approved procedures and practices 4. make sure that suitable methods and processes are used at all times 5. make sure that materials, equipment and work in progress are protected from environmental damage and contamination in line with technical specifications 6. check that safe working practices are followed in accordance with approved procedures and practices 7. make sure that completed work complies with approved procedures and regulatory requirements 8. monitor the progress of activities against plans and schedules on an ongoing basis 9. identify and solve problems within your area of responsibility without delay 10. identify opportunities to change methods and procedures that will improve results 11. recommend improvements to methods and procedures to appropriate people at appropriate times

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

1. legislation, procedures and codes of practice for self and others relating to health, safety and the environment including manual handling, use of equipment, hazardous materials, work in excavations, confined spaces, risk assessments, accidents , emergencies and personal protective equipment (PPE) 2. industry regulatory requirements relating to work activities including continuity of supply and water quality 3. legislation, procedures, guidelines, methods and processes relating to the work activities you are monitoring 4. organisational requirements for the work activities you are monitoring 5. specified safe working practices for site and work activities involved 6. locations and marking for different types of utilities' apparatus likely to be encountered 7. suitable and unsuitable conditions for work activity methods and procedures to be carried out 8. implications and constraints including customer considerations, design, extent, location, time, duration, anticipated completion time, availability of resources, effect of weather or seasonal conditions 9. approved materials, equipment and products including vehicles, tools, ancillary equipment and machines, valves, fittings, pipes and consumables, health, safety and environmental protection equipment 10. processes to protect people from hazardous activities and materials  11. resource requirements including plant, equipment, materials, labour 12. resource availability and suitability 13. how to monitor work activities and outputs 14. potential variations from plans and schedules that might occur and how to resolve them 15. types of problem that could occur and why it is important to solve them quickly reporting structures 16. procedures for communicating with supervisors, contractors, network operatives, colleagues, statutory bodies 17. storage and disposal requirements for equipment and materials involved


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01 Dec 2021





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Energy and Utility Skills

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Engineering, Water Network Construction Operative, Water Network Construction Supervisor

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