Commission water networks

Business Sectors (Suites): Water Network Construction Operations
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Dec 2018


This Standard is about commissioning networks in the water industry. It includes obtaining necessary resources, ensuring conditions are suitable, following commissioning procedures, resolving problems, making sure networks comply with relevant specifications, regulations and guidelines and recording results.

This Standard will apply to water network construction operations and is intended for construction supervisors.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

1. specify the approved procedures and practices for commissioning networks 2. identify commissioning methods that are suitable to the network 3. confirm that environment is suitable for commissioning to occur 4. determine and obtain the resources required to undertake commissioning  5. make sure that commissioning is implemented in line with approved procedures and processes 6. use information from reliable sources to identify any problems with commissioning activity 7. resolve any problems with commissioning activity that are within your area of responsibility 8. refer any problems that you cannot resolve to appropriate people at appropriate times 9. assess the results of the commissioning to identify the outputs of the network 10. confirm that the commissioning procedure complies with approved procedures and practices and with all relevant regulatory requirements  11. record results of commissioning activity in appropriate information systems

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

1. approved methods and procedures for commissioning  2. sources of information including network specifications, statutory and non-statutory reports, company documentation, job instructions, internal and external client documentation 3. commissioning activity suitable for different types of network 4. factors to take into account when planning commissioning  5. conditions that could effect the environment including variations in weather, protected areas, pollution, products, work in adjacent areas, waste management, people's actions 6. resource requirements including plant, equipment, materials, labour, consumables 7. approved materials and equipment and how to obtain information on availability 8. types of problem that could occur and how to resolve them 9. water regulations and hygiene procedures related to ensuring the integrity and cleanliness of water supplies and the importance of personal hygiene 10. approved procedures, policies, practices, regulations and guidelines relating to health, safety for self and others, environment, emergencies, contingency planning and risk assessments 11. how to obtain information on regulations and guidelines 12. the impact that commissioning activity could have on other networks 13. expected outputs from the network 14. how to assess the results of commissioning  15. systems for recording information and why it is important to use them


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01 Dec 2021





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Energy & Utility Skills

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Engineering, Water Network Construction Operative, Water Network Construction Supervisor

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