Communicate with customers in the waste resource management industry

Business Sectors (Suites): Waste Resource Operations Management
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Mar 2019


This Standard is about giving information or advice to customers in the waste resource management industry, including internal or external stakeholders, and responding to their queries or complaints in a positive way. With the regenerative approach of the circular economy,  waste is  increasingly being seen as a resource which is made up of materials with future uses.

It includes communicating effectively, dealing with both co-operative and uncooperative customers, agreeing action to resolve any issues and referring matters outside of your area of responsibility to appropriate people.

This Standard is for anyone in the waste resource management sector who comes into contact with customers including internal or external stakeholders.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. treat customers in line with organisational procedures at all times
  2. provide information or advice to customers that is accurate, within your area of responsibility and in line with organisational procedures
  3. respond to customer enquiries or complaints in line with organisational requirements for customer contact
  4. determine the details of customer enquiries or complaints in line with organisational procedures
  5. ensure dealings with customers are timed to take account of the needs of other customers, work pressures and organisational requirements
  6. make sure any actions agreed with customers are in line with both legal and organisational responsibilities and requirements
  7. explain organisational constraints and improvements in waste resource management practice in a clear manner to customers at appropriate times in line with organisational procedures
  8. confirm that customers understand any actions that you or they are required to carry out
  9. use appropriate approaches to deal with co-operative and un-cooperative customers in line with organisational procedures
  10. pass the details to relevant people without delay where limits of responsibility are exceeded
  11. carry out agreed activities according to organisational customer service guidelines
  12. record interaction with customers in an appropriate level of detail in organisational systems

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. organisational customer service standards and customer contact procedures
  2. communication techniques including how to maintain a courteous, helpful and tactful manner in situations of conflict or non cooperation
  3. the legal obligations and requirements of the utilities you are working with within the remit of your role
  4. types of advice you may be able to provide and the enquiries you would normally be expected to deal with
  5. organisational processes for media contact
  6. how to manage customer expectations and balance customer and organisational needs
  7. personal and organisational limits of authority for dealing with customers, internal and external stakeholders
  8. how to communicate with customers including speaking, listening and questioning
  9. techniques to confirm other's understanding of information
  10. the importance of understanding customers' points of view
  11. how customers are involved with, or affected by, your work
  12. when it is appropriate to explain improvements in waste resource management practice to customers
  13. how to handle disagreement and conflict
  14. how to access essential information and how to summarise it for customers
  15. the boundaries of your own authority and who to refer to when enquiries and complaints are outside of it
  16. organisational requirements for recording interactions with customers


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