Manage and maintain the aftercare of closed and restored landfill sites

Business Sectors (Suites): Waste Resource Operations Management
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Mar 2019


This Standard is about managing and maintaining the aftercare of closed or restored landfill sites.

It includes implementing and monitoring aftercare procedures, directing site staff to carry out aftercare activities, rectifying any problems and monitoring and reporting data in compliance with legislative and organisational requirements.

This Standard is for managers or supervisors of closed or restored landfill sites.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. implement approved management systems for closed landfill sites
  2. ensure site closure operations meet with requirements for restoration, aftercare and intended use
  3. manage arrangements for the supply of resources needed for aftercare activities in line with organisational requirements
  4. implement procedures to record and maintain site monitoring activities that comply with legislative requirements
  5. implement approved work programmes and operational instructions for aftercare schemes
  6. identify and consult with key stakeholders on any aftercare maintenance undertaken
  7. maintain monitoring records and prepare reports in accordance with legislative requirements
  8. communicate monitoring requirements for aftercare schemes to all relevant people
  9. check work programmes and operational instructions contain all information required to carry out processes in line with organisational procedures
  10. communicate operational instructions in oral and written form to appropriate people
  11. maintain accurate records of any post closure restoration and aftercare activities in accordance with legislative requirements and organisational procedures
  12. advise appropriate colleagues and managers about accidents, incidents, interruptions to work or any situations that require their attention
  13. maintain records in organisational systems of training for all staff involved with monitoring aftercare
  14. rectify any issues that prevent aftercare activities from being carried out in line with organisational procedures
  15. arrange for required restoration remedial work to be carried out in line with organisational procedures
  16. resolve any problems which may affect the aftercare of closed landfill sites
  17. seek advice from appropriate specialists to resolve situations which are outside your responsibility

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. legislative requirements, regulations codes of practice and guidance applicable to aftercare of closed landfill sites
  2. planning permission, permit requirements and environmental management system (EMS) for the site
  3. why it is important to monitor site hydro geological conditions
  4. required documentation for aftercare operations to meet monitoring requirements
  5. organisational procedures for managing work activities
  6. organisational procedures for aftercare operations
  7. resources required for aftercare operations
  8. management systems for environmental protection on site
  9. operating procedures for all machinery, plant and equipment used on site for aftercare
  10. onsite procedures for securing landfilled waste on a permanent basis
  11. handling techniques that are suitable for materials being used to remediate problems arising from aftercare activities
  12. methods used to deal with birds, vermin, insect, dust, noise and litter during aftercare
  13. hazards associated with restored closed landfill sites in relation to health and safety and the environment
  14. control measures to reduce or eliminate risks to safety, health and the environment on a restored closed landfill site
  15. organisational procedures for dealing with spillages and emissions
  16. types of personal protective equipment (PPE) required and how they must be used, maintained and stored
  17. legal and organisational requirements for recording and reporting risks to health, safety and the environment

  18. how to check that employees have understood operational instructions

  19. issues that may arise to prevent aftercare activities including staff shortages, equipment deficiencies or external causes
  20. how to access aftercare specialists and when to contact them


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01 Mar 2022





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Energy & Utility Skills

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Public Service and other Associate Professionals, Public Services, Waste Manager

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