Develop restoration and aftercare schemes for landfill sites

Business Sectors (Suites): Waste Resource Operations Management
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Mar 2019


This Standard defines the competence required to develop restoration and aftercare schemes for  landfill sites.  Landfill sites could be hazardous or non-hazardous.  Restoration schemes could be for progressive or final restoration of landfill sites.

This includes preparing and finalising restoration and aftercare schemes, identifying resource requirements, developing management systems to support closure, restoration and aftercare and resolving problems that occur during development.

This is for managers or supervisors in the waste resource management industry who are responsible for planning restoration and aftercare for hazardous or non-hazardous landfill sites.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. develop schemes for sites that meet legislative and organisational requirements
  2. identify and consult with key stakeholders about proposed restoration and aftercare schemes at appropriate times
  3. specify the engineering resources, materials and personnel required to realise restoration schemes
  4. obtain approval for schemes from appropriate people in accordance with organisational procedures
  5. communicate final schemes to key stakeholders
  6. check that proposals for pre-closure site operations meet the requirements for restoration, aftercare and intended use of sites
  7. develop and maintain systems and procedures for closure, restoration and aftercare that comply with legislative requirements
  8. develop systems and procedures to maintain records of restoration and aftercare schemes in accordance with legislative requirements
  9. develop work programmes and operational instructions for restoration and aftercare schemes in appropriate formats
  10. develop contingency plans to deal with issues that may prevent sites being prepared for aftercare or compliant with legislation
  11. seek advice from appropriate specialists to resolve situations which are outside your responsibility

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. legislative requirements, regulations, codes of practice, guidance and permits applicable to restoration and aftercare schemes including planning permission, environmental permits, pollution prevention and control, health and safety and road transport regulations when applicable to site operations
  2. why it is important to develop restoration and aftercare schemes for landfill sites
  3. the stages to be included in schemes for restoration and aftercare and the requirements for each stage including pre-closure and closure
  4. organisational procedures for managing restoration and aftercare operations
  5. organisational procedures for maintaining the security of landfill sites undergoing restoration and aftercare
  6. methods used to deal with ground water, leachate, landfill gas, fire, birds, vermin, insect, dust, noise and litter during restoration and aftercare operations
  7. how to identify hazards associated with restoration and aftercare schemes in relation to health and safety and the environment
  8. control measures that can be used to reduce or eliminate risks to safety, health and the environment on the site
  9.  types of personal protective equipment (PPE) required and how they must be used, maintained and stored
  10. legal and organisational requirements for recording and reporting risks to health, safety and the environment
  11. issues that could prevent sites being prepared for aftercare or compliant with legislation including staff shortages, equipment deficiencies or external factors


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01 Mar 2022





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Energy & Utility Skills

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Public Service and other Associate Professionals, Public Services, Waste Manager

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