Prepare landfill sites for the acceptance of inert waste

Business Sectors (Suites): Waste Resource Operations Management
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Mar 2019


This Standard is about preparing landfill sites for the acceptance of inert waste.  It covers directing and monitoring engineering and construction activities for the preparation of landfill cells and associated facilities. It includes making sure all work is in line with legislative requirements, making sure the integrity of geological barriers is protected and that all paperwork and certificates are in place.

This is for managers or supervisors of inert landfill sites.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. ensure that proposed activities  are in line with legislative requirements
  2. ensure that the details of engineering specifications have been agreed with appropriate people prior to the start of operations
  3. confirm that the resources required for engineering activities are provided in accordance with the engineering specification
  4. implement procedures to ensure that engineering activities comply with legislative requirements
  5. communicate the content of engineering proposals to operational staff regarding work to be carried out at appropriate times
  6. maintain procedures to ensure accurate site engineering and quality assurance records are forwarded to the regulatory authority in compliance with legislative requirements
  7. confirm that arrangements have been made for construction to be inspected and approved by the regulatory authorities at appropriate times
  8. implement operational procedures which protect the integrity of geological barriers
  9. maintain environmental protection systems in line with environmental legislation
  10. ensure that accidents, incidents and spillages on site are dealt with in line with regulatory and organisational procedures
  11. ensure work programmes and operational instructions for the preparation of landfill sites are complete and accurate
  12. communicate work programmes and operational instructions to appropriate site personnel at appropriate times
  13. keep accurate records appropriate to the work in approved organisational systems
  14. advise appropriate colleagues and managers about any situations that require their attention
  15. maintain a record of training for all staff employed in site preparation in approved organisational systems
  16. deal with any circumstances which fail to comply with legislative requirements without delay
  17. rectify issues that prevent the continuation of work activities in line with organisational procedures
  18. refer issues which fall outside of your responsibility to appropriate people

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the legislative requirements for any construction work involved on site
  2. any contractual conditions that apply to cell preparation
  3. requirements for the placement and integrity of geological barriers and their protection from initial layers of inert waste
  4. who to agree engineering specifications with
  5. site procedures for the management control of cell preparation operations
  6. control and management systems needed for surface water drainage and gas and leachate management
  7. the importance of site hydro geological conditions
  8. permit requirements relevant to hydro geological conditions
  9. planning permission, permit requirements and environmental management systems (EMS) relevant to preparing landfill sites
  10. organisational procedures for engineering operations and the supply and use of the resources required
  11. organisational procedures for communicating with operational staff
  12. the operating procedures for all machinery, plant and equipment used in site preparation
  13. record keeping requirements for site conditions, construction progress, completion certificates, regulatory visits, alterations to requirements
  14.  the technical skills needed to prepare the site for disposal operations
  15.  how to ensure all staff involved in preparation of landfill sites have the required skills
  16. situations that need to be referred to others including accidents, incidents, interruptions to work and who to refer them to


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