Manage the preparation, transfer, transport and disposal of materials, outputs and residues

Business Sectors (Suites): Waste Resource Operations Management
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Mar 2019


This Standard is about managing the preparation, transfer, transport or disposal of materials and the outputs and residues from treatment and recovery operations. With the regenerative approach of the circular economy, waste is increasingly being seen as a resource which is made up of materials with future uses.  This standard could apply to the transfer of outputs and safe disposal of residues arising from remediation of contaminated land.   This could also apply to hazardous or non-hazardous materials on any type of waste resource management facility.

It includes overseeing processes to prepare and store materials prior to transfer or disposal, checking materials are of an acceptable quality, that transfer or disposal happens when required and that documentation is correct.  It also includes following the specific safety requirements for the materials and processes involved.

This Standard applies to managers or supervisors who oversee the processes for the transfer, transport and disposal of waste resource materials, outputs and residues in any type of waste resource management facility.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. make sure materials are prepared for transport, transfer or disposal in accordance with legislative and organisational requirements
  2. make sure the quality of materials prepared for transfer meet material quality standards of intended recipients
  3. identify hazards and minimise risks to health, safety and the environment during preparation and transfer and disposal in line with legal and organisational requirements
  4. ensure that safety requirements appropriate to the materials involved are followed at all times
  5. make arrangements for the safe storage of materials that have been prepared for transfer in line with legislative and organisational requirements
  6. make sure the preparation and transport of outputs and disposal of residues is carried out in line with organisational systems and procedures and regulatory requirements
  7. ensure that the resources needed to carry out preparation, loading, transport and transfer operations are available when required
  8. make sure the preparation, loading and transport is carried out when required by the organisation
  9. manage the people involved to ensure that they follow appropriate organisational processes
  10. ensure that transport documentation for all waste and non-waste materials leaving the site is completed in line with legislative requirements and organisational procedures
  11. verify that information contained in process documentation is accurate and relates to the materials involved
  12. maintain records of all outputs and residues leaving site in accordance with legislative requirements and organisational procedures
  13. rectify any issues that affect operations in line with legislative requirements and organisational procedures
  14. communicate procedures to appropriate people at appropriate times
  15. seek advice from appropriate specialists to resolve situations which are outside your responsibility

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the legislative requirements, regulations, codes of practice, guidance, permits and licenses applicable to the preparation, transfer and transport of the materials with which you are working
  2. the legislative requirements for documentation for the transport of materials with which you are working
  3. the regulatory requirements for the export of the energy outputs involved
  4. planning permission, permit requirements and environmental management system (EMS) for the site
  5. the legislative requirements for the safe operation of the machinery, plant and equipment involved
  6. the quality inspection procedures, identification procedures and the handling requirements for materials
  7. how to interpret process documentation
  8. organisational procedures for managing personnel and work activities
  9. organisational procedures for the management and storage of outputs and residues on site
  10. the organisational procedures for transport operations, supplying transport resources and their use
  11. the organisational procedures for dealing with residues, out of specification recovered materials and any other rejects from the process
  12. the storage and handling requirements for the recovered material types produced on site
  13. the types, functions and limitations of handling equipment available for use
  14. the lifting and handling techniques that are suitable for the materials involved
  15. hazards associated with transferring and transporting the materials involved in relation to health and safety and the environment
  16. control measures to reduce or eliminate risks to safety, health and the environment
  17. the organisational procedures for dealing with spillages and emissions
  18. the types of personal protective equipment (PPE) required and how they must be used, maintained and stored
  19. legal and organisational requirements for recording and reporting risks to health, safety and the environment
  20. issues that could affect operations including staff or transport shortages, equipment deficiencies, spillages or external causes


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01 Mar 2022





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Energy & Utility Skills

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Public Service and other Associate Professionals, Public Services, Waste Manager

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