Prepare proposals and obtain contracts for waste resource management services

Business Sectors (Suites): Waste Resource Operations Management
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Mar 2019


This Standard is about preparing proposals and obtaining contracts for the delivery of waste resource management services.  With the regenerative approach of the circular economy, waste is increasingly being seen as a resource which is made up of materials with future uses.  This could apply to any part of the waste resource management industry.

This includes determining opportunities for tendering for contracts, preparing proposals to meet tender requirements, submitting proposals to potential clients, negotiating with clients and finalising contracts.

This Standard is for managers of any type of waste resource management facility.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. select criteria to assess the appropriateness of tender opportunities for the organisation
  2. rank tender opportunities against selected criteria
  3. confirm that the organisation can meet the scope of services required by tender specifications
  4. seek information from reliable sources to define and confirm client needs
  5. offer viable alternatives to clients when tender specifications are not achievable
  6. agree any variations from tender requirements with clients at appropriate times
  7. use accurate and full information to prepare proposals
  8. assess the cost of resources required to fulfil contracts
  9. identify benefits to clients in proposals and presentations
  10. ensure tender documentation is complete, accurate, addresses all tender requirements and confirms any agreed variations
  11. submit tender documentation in specified formats and timescales
  12. negotiate best possible contract conditions for your organisation
  13. confirm the results of post tender negotiations in writing

  14. check contracts meet organisational expectations and assigns clear liability for foreseeable contingencies between clients and your organisation

  15. confirm with clients contract criteria for agreed performance measurement, variation procedures, rewards and liquidated damages

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice and guidance applicable to safety, health and the environment for waste resource management activities
  2. the procedures for the proper management control of work activities on customers' and own sites
  3. the principles of the circular economy, how they relate to the practice of your organisation and how to assess tender and contract requirements against them
  4. the organisational environmental policy and procedures applicable to the services provided
  5. the scope of the waste resource management services provided by the organisation
  6. the requirements for risk analysis to minimise hazards to personnel and the environment for the services provided
  7. organisational policy related to contracting and pursuing tenders
  8. how to evaluate potential competitive activity
  9. services that can be made available now and in future
  10. resources available now and in the future
  11. sources of information on current operating costs and contract performance
  12. client status and needs
  13. how to prepare, cost, negotiate, and present proposals
  14. aspects of contract law that are relevant to your activities
  15. organisational documentation and presentation styles
  16. services currently provided to clients and potential new services that could be provided
  17. sources of additional resources and availability
  18. how to use different types of oral and written communications
  19. how to determine contract contingencies and liability assignment
  20. how to determine criteria for performance measures, rewards and liquidated damages


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