Provide information for use in legal procedures

Business Sectors (Suites): Water Fittings Regulations/Byelaws Enforcement
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Dec 2018


This Standard is about providing evidence for use in legal procedures when water fittings regulations and byelaws have been breached by customers. It includes preparing complete, comprehensive and accurate information, structuring it in a logical way and presenting it either orally to people in the organisation or in written form. This Standard is for water fitting regulations and byelaws inspectors.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

1. identify and obtain information and supporting documentation that is relevant to the specified non-compliance 2. ensure the information presented is expressed in understandable and unambiguous language with a clear explanation of relevant details 3. support any opinions and conclusions with facts that fall within your area of expertise 4. complete information within agreed timescales 5. present sufficient, relevant and accurate information to support the case 6. provide information to relevant people in appropriate formats

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

1. the details of the case including date, time, persons, identified non-compliance, legal procedure 2. information sources and how to access them 3. what constitutes contravention of the regulations and byelaws for different types of plumbing systems 4. different types of risk posed by different contraventions and sanctions and the penalties that each incurs 5. different types of supporting documentation 6. the limits of personal expertise 7. when the information needs to be provided 8. which information it is appropriate to present orally and which in written form 9. formats for presenting information including written, sketches, photographs and how to structure reports 10. the communication skills regarding reading, writing, speaking and listening 11. the need for impartial judgements 12. information requirements of other people including line manager and specialised personnel 13. organisational and regulatory formats for presenting information about non-compliance


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01 Dec 2021





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Energy & Utility Skills

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Engineering and Construction Trades, Water Inspector

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