Ensure your own actions aim to protect the environment during utilities network activities

Business Sectors (Suites): Multi-Utility Network Construction Operations
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Mar 2023


​This standard is about making sure you don’t have a negative effect on the environment while working on utilities networks.

This includes identifying risks and hazards to the environment, taking appropriate action to minimise them and reporting those that are high risk or outside of your control.

This standard is for anyone working on utilities networks.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

​1. follow up to date approved procedures and practices for environmental protection relevant to the workplace for all aspects of your job role

2. follow supplier and manufacturer guidelines and organisational procedures and practices for the safe use and storage of equipment, materials and products
3. identify equipment, materials, products or procedures used in any part of your job role which could cause harm to the environment
4. assess the severity and likelihood of environmental hazards occurring on an ongoing basis
5. control those environmental hazards that are within your capability and scope of your responsibility
6. report those hazards which present high risks or which you cannot eliminate or control to appropriate people
7. pass on suggestions for limiting risks to the environment to the responsible person
8. identify any organisational procedures and practices in your job role which could cause harm to the environment
9. report any differences between legal and approved procedures and practices and the actual use of materials or products hazardous to the environment to appropriate people
10. assess your environmental awareness training needs and report them to appropriate individuals and organisations

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

​1. the relevant aspects of environmental legislation and regulations that affect your workplace and job role and your responsibilities within them

2. the workplace policies, precautions and procedures relating to controlling risks to the environment which cover your job role
3. your responsibilities for materials and equipment in your work activities that are hazardous to the environment
4. substances and processes in your workplace that are categorised as hazardous to the environment
5. suppliers, manufacturers, handling procedures and workplace instructions for the use of equipment, materials and products hazardous to the environment
6. the particular risks to the environment that may exist in your workplace and job role including handling and disposing of equipment, materials and products hazardous to the environment
7. how to use resources and materials effectively and efficiently to minimise waste
8. the importance of remaining alert to the presence of hazards to the environment in the workplace and your responsibility for controlling them or reporting them
9. the working practices for your own job role that reduce risks to the environment
10. the workplace requirements for hazards to the environment which you cannot deal with
11. the responsible person(s) to whom to report environmental matters


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Indicative Review Date

01 Mar 2026





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Energy & Utility Skills

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Water Network Construction, Gas Network Construction

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Network, Construction, operations, utility, utilities, gas, LPG, hydrogen, water, risks; hazards; precautions; environment; legal