Transfer control of completed utilities network projects

Business Sectors (Suites): Multi-Utility Network Construction Operations
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Mar 2023


​This Standard is about transferring control of completed network projects. 

This includes ensuring that completed network projects meet specification, identifying and explaining any variations from these, providing information on completed network projects and obtaining acceptance of these in accordance with agreed transfer procedures.

This Standard will apply to Network Construction Operations and is intended for network construction supervisors.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

​1. obtain information from reliable sources about completed network activities 

2. check that network is ready for transfer and complies with all approved procedures and practices 
3. provide clear and accurate information about networks to relevant individuals and organisations in line with organisational and adopting organisation requirements
4. identify and explain any aspects of networks that vary from agreed approved procedures and practices and specification
5. transfer control of networks in line with organisational  and adopting organisation procedures and processes 
6. obtain acceptance of networks by adopting organisations according to agreed transfer procedures 
7. complete transfer documentation at appropriate times in line with organisational requirements
8. record details of transfer in organisational information systems

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

​1. sources of information including statutory and non-statutory reports, company documentation, job instructions, internal and external adopting organisation documentation

2. procedures and processes for transferring control of networks to and from those responsible for network activities 
3. factors that may affect the readiness of networks for transfer
4. approved procedures, practices and regulations including health, safety and environmental for self and others, organisational, regulatory, statutory, emergency, operational, contingency plans, relevant company policies, internal or external adopting organisation policies and procedures, and risk assessments 
5. individuals and organisations who require information on network transfer and the information they require 
6. organisational procedures for communicating with customers, contractors, network operatives, colleagues, statutory bodies 
7. aspects of networks that may vary from agreed specifications and requirements 
8. documentation that needs to be completed and how to complete it 
9. systems for recording information and why it is important to use them


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01 Mar 2026





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Energy & Utility Skills

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Water Network Construction, Gas Network Construction

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