Organise work activities on utilities networks

Business Sectors (Suites): Multi-Utility Network Construction Operations
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Mar 2023


This Standard is about organising work activities for the installation, repair or maintenance of utilities networks. This is for single site operations and could be for any diameter of pipework. 

This involves prioritising work activities, seeking help from others to resolve problems, anticipating and accommodating changes of plan, recording changes to plan and communicating with relevant people. 

This Standard is for network construction operatives who schedule work activities for installation, repair and maintenance of utilities networks but is likely to be those with team leader responsibility.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

​1. obtain current information about instructions, plans, schedules and objectives for the work from reliable sources

2. identify work methods and activities which are appropriate to the organisation and make optimum use of resources 
3. prioritise work activities to achieve objectives in line with schedules
4. agree and record individual roles and group responsibilities in line with organisational procedures
5. seek advice from relevant people to help resolve any problems with the organisation of work activities
6. monitor work against plans on an ongoing basis,  using relevant information to anticipate where changes to plans will be required
7. update work plans to accommodate changes as they occur 
8. agree updated work plans with appropriate people and record them in line with organisational procedures
9. communicate amended plans to all people that need to know about them

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

​1. legislation, codes of practice and organisational procedures for health, safety and the environment which are relevant to work activities including those relating to roads and street works, hazardous substances, construction design and management, using work equipment and lifting 

2. where to obtain and how to interpret instructions, plans, timescales and objectives for the work 
3. the limits of own and team members responsibility and competence 
4. planning methods and techniques for installation, maintenance and repair of utilities networks
5. the impact timescales and work methods can have on cost and efficiency
6. expected timescales for the work and typical timescales for work activities 
7. organisational information systems and procedures to record changes to plans
8. who you need to work with internally and externally to the organisation
9. how effective work relationships contribute to the organisation of work activities
10. oral, written, and visual communication methods
11. procedures and level of authority for communicating with different people
12. confidentially requirements for information
13. reporting times and procedures including standard forms approved by industry or the organisation


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01 Mar 2026





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Energy & Utility Skills

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Water Network Construction, Gas Network Construction

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