Restore gas network components to operational condition

Business Sectors (Suites): Gas Network Construction Operations
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Mar 2023


​This Standard is about restoring gas network components to operational condition. This includes the repair and replacement of short sections of mains and services and fitting temporary or permanent external mechanical fittings. 

It can apply to any type of fuel gas or combinations of fuel gas including, but not restricted to, natural gas, LPG, blended or 100% hydrogen.

This involves live gas working, restoring components and carrying out repair or replacement in accordance with organisational procedures. 

This Standard is for gas network operatives who restore gas network components to operational condition by carrying out repairs or replacing assets.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

​1. work in accordance with health and safety and environmental protection regulations and legislation 

2. carry out and review site specific risk assessments in accordance with organisational procedures 
3. select and wear required personal protection equipment (PPE) in line with organisational procedures
4. monitor and maintain a safe environment and gas system when undertaking live gas operations 
5. prepare components for repair or replacement in line with organisational procedures
6. repair or replace assets in accordance with technical specifications and work instructions
7. carry out repair or replacement to agreed timescales 
8. use jointing methods that are suitable for materials and components
9. use approved materials and components for repairs or replacements 
10. check that repaired or replaced components meet specified operating conditions and parameters
11. carry out all work in accordance with organisational procedures
12. produce accurate and complete records of all work carried out 
13. deal with problems within your control in line with organisational procedures
14. refer problems and conditions outside your responsibility or which you cannot solve to appropriate people 
15. deal with any emergencies that may arise in line with approved procedures

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

​1. relevant health, safety and environment legislation, procedures and codes of practice including those governing work in excavations, hazardous materials, accidents and respiratory and personal protective equipment (RPE, PPE) 

2. how to check, deploy and use breathing apparatus when working on a live gas repair 
3. requirements for fire extinguishers to be deployed on gas escapes and how to check and position them
4. requirements for monitoring gas concentrations in atmospheres and actions to be taken at certain levels
5. different methods of accessing technical specifications from reference documents, manuals, regulations, codes of practice, risk assessments and method statements and how to interpret them
6. how to interpret work instructions including drawings, records, work authorisations and other project specific information
7. the various components in use on the gas network 
8. the different jointing methods, flow-stopping and repair techniques and when it is appropriate to use them
9. how to repair joints, horizontal and circumferential cracks and breaks, corrosion and interference damage and when replacement is necessary 
10. how to identify the types of pipe that may be encountered, their characteristics and how to work with them including metric and imperial polyethylene, old cast iron pipes, ductile iron, steel, PVC and asbestos cement  
11. component replacement methods for mains and services 
12. the types of tools and equipment to be used when restoring components to operating condition 
13. the different types of records and the documentation used to record


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