Plan Engineering Activities for Gas Network Construction

Business Sectors (Suites): Gas Network Construction
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Dec 2017


This national occupational standard is about planning operations to be undertaken on gas network assets. It includes the processes and procedures to be followed to make sure that the completed work will meet the quality assurance and operating specifications set by the organisation.

This standard is for those responsible for operations during gas network construction activities. These activities will usually include the leadership and direction of the members of a team and decision making regarding the approach to take when undertaking the work.

This standard consists of six elements:

  1. collect the information needed to prepare a comprehensive plan
  2. identify Health, Safety, and Environment issues to be included in the plan
  3. determine the planned sequence and timescale of activities needed
  4. prepare and document the plan
  5. use and communicate data and information
  6. resolve problems effectively and efficiently

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Collect the information needed to prepare a comprehensive plan

1.          identify all relevant factors to be included in the plan

2.          liaise with external agencies as necessary to obtain information relevant to the delivery of the plan

3.          determine all necessary permits and procedures that must be followed throughout the operation

4.          plan and carry out all work in line with company policy and work procedures

Identify Health, Safety and Environmental issues to be included in the plan

5.          establish any specific requirements that may impact on the site or operations being planned

6.          confirm with external agencies if any specific terms and conditions apply to the site, operation or schedule being planned

Determine the planned sequence and timescale of activities needed

7.          liaise with others to determine realistic timescale for operations required

8.          record sequence of activities in line with Safe Control of Operations and employer's own procedures

9.          establish contingency options to cater for unexpected changes to the planned schedule

10.       follow and maintain safe working and environmental practices in accordance with health and safety regulations and environmental legislation throughout the duration of the work

Prepare and document the plan

11.       produce a comprehensive plan including resource requirements, timescales and milestones as required

12.       deliver plan in accordance with employer's policy and procedures

Use and communicate data and information

13.       explain documented plan to all required personnel

14.       report any changes needing to be made to the plan at any stage of the operation

15.       report completion of the planned operation, identifying any variations to the original plan

16.       ensure that all records are updated in accordance with employer's procedures

Resolve problems effectively and efficiently

17.       identify and respond to problems within the limits of own job role responsibility

18.       report problems outside job role responsibility to designated personnel

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:


1.          the main responsibilities of the employer and employee under the Health and Safety at Work Act and how to comply with them

2.          the main responsibilities of the employer and employee under environmental legislation

3.          the company reporting lines, roles, responsibilities and levels of authority

4.          the identification and application of safe procedures for handling hazardous and non-hazardous materials

5.    the range and use of personal protective equipment for the work activity and procedures for checking PPE is fit for purpose

6.    statutory, organisational and emergency reporting procedures

Plan Engineering Activities

7.    the company procedures and processes for reporting problems

8.    how to read and interpret policies, procedures and information sources used

9.    the processes and procedures that need to be followed and complied with when performing planning operations

10.  the potential impact of planning multiple site operations

11.  how to maintain safe working and environmental practices throughout the duration of the work

12.  how to minimise risks to self and others when undertaking work activities

13.  company work instructions, information and reporting systems and documentation

14.  safe Control of Operations procedures (Safe Systems of Work)

15.  how to respond to the different types and categories of emergency situations that might occur

16.  the sequence of processes and techniques that need to be followed and applied when removing materials and resources from site


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01 Dec 2021





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Energy & Utility Skills

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Gas Team Leaders, Craftspersons and Technicians

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