Install Equipment for Safe Working on Construction Sites during Gas Network Construction

Business Sectors (Suites): Gas Network Construction
Developed by: Energy & Utility Skills
Approved on: 01 Dec 2017


This national occupational standard defines the competence required to follow work instructions and specifications in preparing resources and segregating areas for works on construction sites. It requires competence in interpreting instructions, plans and specifications and segregating areas for works on building and construction sites.

This standard is for those responsible for site operations during gas network construction activities. These activities will usually include the leadership and direction of the members of a team and decision making regarding the approach to take when undertaking the work.

This standard consists of three elements:

  1. plan, prepare, segregate and protect the work site
  2. prepare resources for site work

  3. use and communicate data and information

There is a separate national occupational standard (EUSGNC 004) specifically for those working on the public highway

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

Plan, prepare, segregate and protect the work site**

1.          locate and confirm the area for works according to instructions and specified requirements

2.          plan work to minimise disruption and inconvenience to others in accordance with approved procedures and practices

3.          carry out a site-specific risk assessment to identify hazards and to determine the range of control and protection equipment necessary for the works

4.          review risk assessments in accordance with company procedures.

5.          select, check and use the designated personal protective uquipment (PPE)

6.          set out the area for the works in accordance with the specified requirements

7.          provide for the safety of the work area and the natural environment where hazards and risks are identified

8.          maintain the security of the site where work is not completed

Prepare resources for site work

9.          select the equipment to meet the planned works requirement in accordance with the work instructions and specifications

10.       confirm the equipment supplies are correct for the work requirement and are of the quality and quantity required

11.       install and maintain integrity of equipment for safe working

12.       store equipment in accordance with operational and organisational requirements

13.       maintain the security of equipment in accordance with operational and organisational requirements

Use and communicate data and information

14.       use information in the work instructions and specified requirements to locate the work site

15.       use approved procedures and practices throughout all the work activity to ensure compliance with approved organisational and statutory requirements

16.       check with authorised personnel any circumstances where information appears incorrect

17.       use organisational information systems to record and store data and information 

18.       report to a designated person any shortages and defects of equipment

19.       refer problems and conditions outside the responsibility of the job role to a designated person using approved procedures

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:


1.    the main responsibilities of the employer and employee under the Health and Safety at Work Act

2.    the main responsibilities of the employer and employee under environmental legislation

3.    the company reporting lines, roles, responsibilities and levels of authority

4.    the safe procedures for handling hazardous materials

5.    organisational accident recording and reporting procedures

6.    the range and use of personal protective equipment for the work

7.    the Construction Design Management Regulations and how they impact on your area of work

Work Site and Resource preparation

8.    the roles and responsibilities of people within the operations team

9.    site management structures for site operations

10.  the importance of referring to designated persons, problems that are outside the area of the job holder's responsibility

11.  procedures for reporting and recording job progress, problems, deviations to work programmes

12.  the importance of confirming that the work location has been correctly identified

13.  the types of information contained in written instructions, specifications, and drawings

14.  the key requirements of an effective site layout

15.  common hazards in site works and fit-for-purpose safety precautions, and methods of prevention

16.  procedures and actions to take in the event of emergency

17.  the range of safety equipment in accordance with site operations

18.  the main requirements of safety legislation governing site works

19.  materials posing a health hazard and safe handling methods

20.  the personal protective equipment for use in site operations

21.  lifting and handling techniques appropriate to the materials, tools and equipment used in site works


Equipment - warning signs, barriers, traffic and pedestrian control equipment

Approved procedures and practices**environmental, statutory regulatory, emergency, operational, health and safety, organisational and company procedures, and risk assessments

Assets – pipework, industrial and commercial service governor installations, district governors, mains and services

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Gas Team Leaders, Craftspersons and Technicians

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