Monitor and maintain equipment and infrastructure within hydrogen product storage

Business Sectors (Suites): Processing Industries Operations
Developed by: Cogent
Approved on: 30 Mar 2023


This standard identifies the competencies you need to monitor and maintain equipment and infrastructure within hydrogen product storage.

You will be required to demonstrate that you can use fault-finding, troubleshooting techniques, maintaining the infrastructure of the hydrogen tanks and equipment, reporting any faults or non-conformities in line with organisational and legal requirements.   
This could include individuals working in the following industries, Chemical, Petro-Chemicals, Storage and Energy production.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

P1. inspect equipment and plant in line with organisational and legal requirements 

P2. report any defects or non-conformity in line with organisational and legal requirements
P3. perform fault-finding and troubleshooting techniques for problems encountered during storage operations in line with organisational requirements  
P4. take appropriate action to restore storage equipment to standard operating conditions in line with organisational requirements      
P5. clean storage tanks in line with organisational requirements
P6. inspect all maintenance work for quality and conformance in line with organisational and legal requirements 
P7. complete documentation associated with maintenance work in line with organisational and legal requirements  
P8. consult the relevant person to ensure work is prioritised and sequenced for completion within organisational timeframes
P9. communicate with all personnel affected by the maintenance activity, notifying them that the work is complete in line with organisational requirements

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

K1. the operation of testing and inspection equipment, checking for corrosion, filter checks, differential pressure, gas leak, meter checks, pressure, temperature, and visual inspection of relief vents, piping and associated fitting
K2. types of defects or non-conformity for hydrogen storage equipment
K3. how to perform fault-finding and troubleshooting procedures for hydrogen storage operations to meet organisational requirements  
K4. how to isolate, depressurise, purge, and decommission equipment for maintenance and repair in line with organisational requirements
K5. how to recommission, repressurise, and purge equipment
K6. how to select the appropriate cleaning agents and techniques for storage equipment to meet organisational requirements  
K7. how to inspect maintenance work for quality and conformance in line with organisational and legal requirements  
K8 how to fill out the documentation to meet organisational and legal requirements  

K9. how to communicate information to the appropriate stakeholders affected by the maintenance activity to meet organisational requirements


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30 Mar 2028





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Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies, Manufacturing Technologies, Process Control Technician, Professional Occupations

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