Control room operations in downstream operations

Business Sectors (Suites): Downstream Operations
Developed by: Cogent
Approved on: 29 Mar 2019


This standard addresses the competence required to start-up, control, maintain and shutdown the required process by remote control within the control room environment.

This involves:

1 Control operations
2 Maintain process conditions by monitoring and adjusting
3 Restore required process conditions
4 Communicating with others
5 Maintaining your own and others' safety while working

This standard deals with the following:

1 Take control of operations
2 Monitor and maintain the process

During this work you must take account of the relevant operational requirements and safe working practices AS THEY APPLY TO YOU.

This Standard is suitable for those working in the downstream fuel environment.

Previous version:

Adapted from Unit 3.1 of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Petro-Chemicals Operations NOS – version May 2005

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

P1 check that you have the required operating instructions and that they are clear and complete
P2 ensure that the operating parameters are set according to the operating instructions
P3 ensure that controls are set correctly as contained in the operating instructions
P4 check that all of the control equipment, system is in a safe and functional state
P5 follow any `handover' procedure before accepting responsibility
P6 follow the correct operating procedure when carrying out control actions
P7 follow the correct sequence of actions when carrying out control actions
P8 ensure that the process operation runs within acceptable limits as specified in the operating instructions
P9 monitor and check the process operation at the required intervals
P10 obtain process data and log accurately
P11 interpret the results and take corrective action where necessary
P12 communicate with other relevant personnel when required
P13 maintain the quality, quantity and time schedule of the process
P14 deal promptly with any problems that arise, reporting any which you cannot solve
P15 complete any required documentation accurately and clearly
P16 wear appropriate PPE
P17 work safely at all times
P18 observe security and confidentiality when required

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

K1 the importance of accepting responsibility
K2 the meaning of terms used in operating instructions
K3 the importance of operating parameters in the process
K4 how to set operating parameters in the control room operation
K5 how to check that the equipment and materials are ready for processing
K6 how to set the controls correctly as specified in the operating instructions
K7 why it is important to check that all controls are set correctly
K8 how to follow the correct operating procedure and sequence of actions when in control
K9 the consequences of not following correct procedures
K10 how to, and the importance of monitoring the process
K11 methods of obtaining process data
K12 how to log process data accurately
K13 how to interpret the data
K14 what corrective action could be taken when appropriate
K15 the importance of communicating systems information to others
K16 methods of communication
K17 how to record and document information accurately
K18 the consequences of not recording accurately
K19 the types of problems that may occur and how to recognise and deal with them
K20 who to report to with unsolvable problems or those which are not your responsibility
K21 your personal responsibilities with regard to health, safety and environment
K22 when and why PPE needs to be worn
K23 when and why it may be important to observe security and confidentiality


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