Monitoring and maintaining process and equipment conditions in downstream operations

Business Sectors (Suites): Downstream Operations
Developed by: Cogent
Approved on: 29 Mar 2019


​This standard is about your contribution to the monitoring and maintaining of process and equipment conditions.

To demonstrate your competence you must carry out handovers:

1 To the next shift
2 From previous shift

This standard deals with the following:

1 Exchange information on work area at handover
2 Complete routine checks in work area
3 Maintain levels of consumables
4 Maintain process conditions within work area

During this work you must take account of the relevant operational requirements and safe working practices AS THEY APPLY TO YOU.

This Standard is suitable for those working in the downstream fuel environment.

Previous version:
Adapted from Unit 3 of Refinery Field Operations NOS – version April 2005

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

​P1 ensure that the information exchanged provides a full, clear and accurate description of the current status of the work area, including any relevant information that has occurred during the shift
P2 clarify and confirm any information that is unclear or conflicting BEFORE acceptance
P3 identify the implications of changing plant conditions on further work and how these changes will be communicated to other personnel
P4 carry out the handover with appropriate people at the designated time and location
P5 use the appropriate operating procedures for designated checks and adjustments
P6 carry out all relevant adjustments and inform the relevant people as appropriate
P7 properly acknowledge and respond to alarms
P8 complete all routine checks at the earliest opportunity
P9 maintain level and concentration of consumables
P10 perform stock checks of consumables in accordance with requirements
P11 correctly use and store consumables
P12 leave equipment safe and clean on conclusion of operation
P13 maintain the specified conditions within given tolerances for each piece of equipment
P14 ensure, through timely and appropriate adjustments, that the process is operating within the given tolerances
P15 correctly follow the operating procedures for adjustments
P16 complete all relevant documentation
P17 work safely in accordance with operational requirements

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

K1 how to select, use, maintain and report defects for PPE
K2 your responsibilities and the implications of statutory and organisational requirements

K3 how to interpret and understand operational requirements and the hazards associated with monitoring and maintaining process equipment conditions
K4 how to work with and within the Permit to Work system
K5 your responsibilities in relation to your work area
K6 how to access and use relevant documentation
K7 how the handover log relates to the plant equipment and process
K8 the relevance of each log item to the operation of the plant
K9 the reasons for taking particular readings and measurements and their significance
K10 the principles and practice of equipment inspection in working areas
K11 the parameters to be measured and where those measurements should be taken using the correct reporting procedures
K12 the potential hazards during normal operation and the actions to be taken
K13 the principles and practice of process control
K14 the purpose of consumables
K15 the specified consumables for each piece of equipment
K16 how to identify the need to replenish consumables to maintain level and concentration
K17 how to use, handle and store consumables correctly in accordance with the relevant COSHH assessment
K18 the relevant information to record and understand the potential impact
K19 the relevant information to record and how to communicate the information on to others as appropriate
K20 how to keep the equipment and process within given tolerances
K21 the potential impact of process deviations on other areas (including interconnected items of equipment that support the process)
K22 the effects of exceeding tolerance levels
K23 the limits of adjustments to process and utilities
K24 the appropriate timescale for making adjustments and what will happen if the adjustments are not made within the required timescale
K25 the required action to be taken if material, processes or utilities are off specification


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