Work effectively in a team in downstream operations

Business Sectors (Suites): Downstream Operations
Developed by: Cogent
Approved on: 29 Mar 2019


​This standard addresses the competence required to work with others.

This involves:

1 those working in isolation, who need to communicate with others
2 those working in groups
3 accepting and clarifying responsibilities
4 providing and receiving support and feedback
5 working in ways which maintain your own and others’ safety

This standard deals with the following:

1 determine and agree individual responsibilities in working with others
2 complete work activities in conjunction with others
3 provide and receive support and feedback

This Standard is suitable for those working in the downstream fuel environment.

Previous Version:

Adapted from Unit 1.13 Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Petro-Chemicals Operations NOS – version May 2005.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

P1 check that you have the required authority to complete the required activity
P2 check whether you need to inform others who may be affected by this activity
P3 check that all personnel have received the necessary information
P4 check that all personnel understand and agree to their responsibilities
P5 check that you understand the work activity
P6 ensure that you know and understand your responsibility in the activity
P7 ensure that the activity proceeds as planned
P8 keep other relevant personnel informed of the progress of the activity
P9 take appropriate action when disagreement occurs
P10 identify when assistance is required
P11 give assistance when required if it is within the limit of your authority
P12 give constructive support and feedback to appropriate personnel
P13 receive support and feedback from personnel
P14 if required, communicate with others by the appropriate method
P15 deal promptly with any problems that arise, that are your responsibility
P16 informed the appropriate person of any problems you cannot solve and/or are not your responsibility
P17 follow safe working procedures at all times
P18 work within agreed time schedules
P19 complete any required documentation clearly and accurately

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

K1 the definition of authority and responsibility within the organisation
K2 how to check whether you have the required authority
K3 your personal responsibility in the operation
K4 how to check whether others need to be informed
K5 how to check that all parties understand what is required of them
K6 the method of work activity planned
K7 why it is important that all personnel understand what is required of them
K8 methods of monitoring the activity
K9 how to keep all relevant personnel informed of the progress of the activity
K10 what actions could be taken when disagreement occurs
K11 how to identify when assistance may be required
K12 how to give assistance within your limit of authority
K13 why it is important to give constructive feedback and support in the operation
K14 how to give constructive feedback and support within the organisation
K15 what methods of communication to use and when to use them
K16 the importance of keeping to agreed time schedules
K17 why it is important to deal with problems effectively
K18 what typical problems may arise and how to deal with them
K19 who to inform if you cannot solve the problem and or it is not your responsibility
K20 your personal responsibilities with regard to health, safety and environment
K21 what documentation needs to be completed
K22 the importance of completing documentation, records accurately and clearly


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