Help to safeguard those in need or at risk of harm

Business Sectors (Suites): Family learning
Developed by: CLD Standards Council Scotland
Approved on: 30 Mar 2023


This standard is about following policies and procedures for safeguarding children and adults. It involves recognising and responding appropriately to signs of actual or suspected abuse or violence. More broadly, the standard also covers awareness of the preventative actions that can be taken – in a wider context this can include not just incidents in the home, but also those which can take place virtually through misuse of IT.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. follow policies and procedures for maintaining appropriate behaviour and for the safeguarding of children and adults
  2. share with others the importance of safeguarding and of following the correct procedures 
  3. respond to any disclosure suggestive of abuse or domestic violence in accordance with policies and procedures
  4. reassure individuals of the confidentiality of any disclosure within the requirements of safeguarding procedures
  5. follow organisational policy, procedure and reporting mechanisms relating to the actual or suggested abuse of children or adults, including the confidentiality of such information
  6. recognise and respect the individual's decisions and preferred course of action or non-action where appropriate

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the organisation's safety and protection procedures and policies
  2. procedures to safeguard children and adults
  3. why it is important to have agreed policies of behaviour within the group and how to implement these
  4. indicators of abuse or domestic violence and your organisation's policy in relation to this
  5. the safeguards which can be put in place to prevent or limit exposure to abuse or domestic violence
  6. appropriate courses of action to take in response to suspicions about possible abuse or domestic violence
  7. procedures for responding to any disclosure suggestive of abuse or domestic violence
  8. sources of appropriate information and support to help individuals


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30 Mar 2028





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Direct Learning Support, Education and Training

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Family; Learning; Accessible; Environment; Adults; Children