Enable learners to identify, reflect and use their learning to enhance their future personal development

Business Sectors (Suites): Adult Learning
Developed by: CLD Standards Council Scotland
Approved on: 30 Mar 2023


This standard is for those whose work involves encouraging people to reflect upon their learning and to apply this in other areas of their lives, establishing goals for their future development. It may take place in an individual or group setting.

Learning in this standard includes formal, non-formal and informal learning as well as learning from experience, communication and through discussion.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. assist learners to explore the benefits of ongoing learning
  2. create opportunities for learners to reflect on their learning and life experiences
  3. assist learners to develop strategies to cope with challenging situations regarding their learning journey
  4. assist learners to develop the ability to take charge of their own review sessions
  5. assist learners to develop clear and achievable, personal and group development goals
  6. assist learners to undertake activities which reflect their learning style to achieve their goals
  7. signpost sources of support which will help learners to carry out and review their learning and development
  8. meet the values and principles in relation to the requirements of this standard

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the importance of encouraging learners to reflect on their own experiences and draw their own learning from them
  2. activities and methods for explaining and promoting the benefits of ongoing learning, and associated sources of support
  3. how to involve learners in all stages of the learning process to develop ownership of their learning
  4. techniques for creating an environment where it is safe to communicate openly and honestly about experiences, learning and aspirations
  5. techniques for facilitating and monitoring group dynamics, enabling learners to focus on important issues for them, including those they find challenging
  6. how to empower learners to take ownership of the learning process
  7. how to work with learners to identify achievable goals, and mechanisms for recording their development
  8. methods of learning and other theories relevant to development planning
  9. the importance of giving and receiving feedback effectively and methods for achieving this
  10. activities and techniques that can be used for monitoring and reflecting on personal and group development
  11. the sources of support for learners as they implement their development plans and deal with issues which are beyond your remit
  12. how learning might be applied in other areas of life
  13. how and when to use accreditation to enhance learning
  14. types of accredited learning
  15. the value of informal, non-formal, formal, learning from experience, communication and how these can enhance the development of learners
  16. the values and principles in relation to the requirements of this standard


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