Monitor, evaluate and respond to the impact of trends and developments in Adult Learning in the community

Business Sectors (Suites): Adult Learning
Developed by: CLD Standards Council Scotland
Approved on: 30 Mar 2023


This standard is about making sure that your organisation has access to up to date and reliable information about current and emerging issues in Adult Learning. Investigating and identifying the needs of adults and the local community helps to determine existing provision and contributes to developing and enhancing the provision of adult learning within the community. You will investigate those needs with adults and other stakeholders, evaluating and analysing whether existing provision meets identified needs.

You will draw conclusions based on your findings and make recommendations which will prioritise needs in line with the organisations' own remit and ability to provide opportunities and activities.

It is important to keep your own knowledge up to date on an on-going basis in order to inform organisational decision making when planning future developments and strategies.

This standard is for those involved in informing or developing adult learning operational planning in their organisations, as well as those who contribute to developing and improving adult learning provision in the community.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. gather available information so that you can assess needs and issues regarding the current and future take up and provision of adult learning
  2. check for any gaps in your organisation's current provision
  3. determine the level and nature of adult learning provision in the local community
  4. use participant feedback to support decision making and future planning
  5. discuss and agree with adults the opportunities for enhancing and developing your organisation's provision
  6. evaluate the effects of local, regional and national developments on adult learning provision
  7. collate and assess findings, identifying trends and patterns which will help you with your operational planning
  8. determine the future requirements of stakeholders and agencies through consultation
  9. evaluate your findings, draw conclusions and make recommendations for the range of activities required by adults and the community, taking into account the feasibility and benefits for your organisation
  10. meet the values and principles underpinning the requirements of this standard relevant to your sector

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. legal, regulatory and ethical requirements impacting upon the provision of adult learning and in investigating needs
  2. the concept of needs analysis
  3. who the relevant agencies and stakeholders are
  4. the types of information that might be provided by adults, relevant agencies and other stakeholders appropriate to establishing community needs from adult learning provision
  5. methods of obtaining feedback from adults and relevant agencies and stakeholders, and their relative advantages and disadvantages
  6. how to access sources of information and support in investigating community needs and identifying opportunities
  7. factors influencing adult learning provision in the community
  8. the importance of ensuring objectivity when evaluating feedback and the factors to consider when assessing its validity
  9. techniques for analysing qualitative and quantitative information
  10. the legislative and ethical restrictions relating to collecting, storing and sharing information
  11. how technology can be used to collect and analyse information
  12. the importance of long and medium-term planning to the successful achievement of your organisation's objectives
  13. the importance of making a financial assessment of the opportunities identified, and how to do this
  14. the values and principles underpinning adult learning in relation to the requirements of this standard


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