Monitor and evaluate the quality of youth work strategy and delivery

Business Sectors (Suites): Youth Work
Developed by: CLD Standards Council Scotland
Approved on: 29 Mar 2019


This standard is about monitoring and evaluating the impact of youth work activities and programmes, recognising that positive benefits may take time to be achieved. You will involve young people fully in the process, together with any relevant colleagues, stakeholders or other organisations involved in the youth work being monitored.

In this standard the term 'other organisations' is used to refer to all relevant and suitable agencies, partners and providers, including local communities, external to your organisation.

This standard is suitable for youth work practitioners involved in working with young people to monitor and evaluate the impact of youth work.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. check that the young people use the criteria for evaluating the outcomes of youth work activities
  2. check that the young people have a process for recording their youth work activities
  3. check that others involved with the youth work activities provide feedback and evidence towards the progress made against agreed objectives
  4. review the outcomes achieved by the youth work activities
  5. compare the outcomes achieved against the agreed evaluation criteria
  6. record the successes and lessons learned and use evidence for future youth work planning
  7. provide evidence and information on the effectiveness of youth work activities to others, setting out and promoting clearly the nature of the activities and why they achieved their objectives
  8. record and maintain monitoring and evaluation evidence
  9. make the evaluation evidence and information available to others
  10. meet the values and principles underpinning youth work in relation to the requirements of this standard

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. legal, regulatory and ethical requirements relevant to youth work and their impact in your own area of work
  2. the importance of monitoring and evaluating the impact of youth work activities, and how to do this, including the evidence required
  3. the importance of involving young people, colleagues, stakeholders and other relevant organisations involved in the activities, and methods for achieving their involvement
  4. the indicators, evidence and criteria which is effective for evaluating the outcomes and success of youth work activities
  5. sources of evidence and information appropriate to monitoring youth work activities, how to access these and methods of verifying and corroborating the information
  6. your organisation's objectives relating to youth work provision and the related activities
  7. the importance of promoting the success of youth work, and methods of achieving this, including the dissemination of effective youth work practice
  8. your role and responsibilities, and from whom assistance and advice can be sought
  9. the values and principles underpinning youth work in relation to the requirements of this standard


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Youth; young people; monitor; evaluate; opportunities; development; outcomes; evidence; quality; issues; support; objectives; lessons learnt; measure; review