Equip young people with safeguarding techniques

Business Sectors (Suites): Youth Work
Developed by: CLD Standards Council Scotland
Approved on: 29 Mar 2019


This standard is about working with young people towards understanding their own environment and lifestyle choices, relationships and behaviours and safeguarding their own welfare.

You will assist young people to identify, assess and address hazards in their environment and risks associated with their lifestyle, as well as encourage and enable young people to take responsibility for addressing those risks.

This standard is suitable for youth work practitioners.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. provide young people with information about the types of hazards that are associated with their environment and agree with them those that are relevant to safeguarding their welfare
  2. assist young people to assess potential hazards associated with their relationships and behaviours and to establish the risks to their welfare
  3. assist young people to access sources of support, and actions which they can take, to address the risks identified
  4. agree with young people the guidelines for youth work designed to maintain their physical and emotional safety, in line with your organisation's procedures and the responsibilities of your role
  5. take action if young people present are distressed in line with legal and organisational procedures
  6. meet the values and principles underpinning youth work in relation to the requirements of this standard

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. legal and organisational requirements and practices relating to duty of care, health, safety and protection of individuals and communities
  2. definition of a hazard to individual welfare, and the typical types of hazards affecting young people, including those associated with the environment, activities, practices and behaviour
  3. the principal types of risks affecting young people's physical health and safety, and their emotional welfare within the local community
  4. risks and hazards that may occur when young people access new forms of media, such as cyber-bullying and online harassment and online sexual exploitation
  5. the scope of your responsibility for identifying and managing risks, and to whom to refer any risks outside your area of responsibility
  6. the importance of self-worth and self-esteem to young people in managing risks within their lives
  7. the importance of encouraging young people to take responsibility for their own safety
  8. how to negotiate and agree safety ground rules for youth work with young people
  9. sources of advice and guidance on risks to young people
  10. signs that indicate distress in young people
  11. methods to check a young person's understanding of discussions, including summarising and clarifying
  12. how to carry out a risk assessment
  13. how to assist young people to consider risk and make reasoned decisions and take control in manner which is in line with their abilities and your organisation's procedures
  14. the values and principles underpinning youth work in relation to the requirements of this standard


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