Plan, prepare and facilitate learning activities with young people

Business Sectors (Suites): Youth Work
Developed by: CLD Standards Council Scotland
Approved on: 29 Mar 2019


This standard is for youth workers involved in developing activities for and with young people, which is a key part of many youth work roles.

The planning, preparation and facilitation of activities involving young people is achieved through engagement with the youth work process and the development of learning opportunities with and for young people. The standard also includes involving young people in the design and development of activities.

Depending on the context, activities could be stand-alone, or could collectively make a programme and/or could be part of a project.

This standard is suitable for all youth work practitioners.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. Make suggestions to young people for activities they may wish to participate in which are relevant to their needs and appropriate for the setting
  2. enable young people to take on leadership and/or delivery roles during activities
  3. assist young people to agree and record the steps and actions to be taken to achieve agreed activities
  4. agree with young people the ground rules and aims for the activity and any criteria against which the success of the activity is to be monitored and evaluated
  5. agree with the young people involved how concerns, constraints or potential barriers to achieving the activity goals should be addressed
  6. praise young people when they make successful contributions and complete activities
  7. involve young people in monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the activity and identify ways of enhancing activities
  8. work within the existing curricula or programmes where relevant and applicable
  9. meet the values and principles underpinning youth work in relation to the requirements of this standard

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the legal and organisational requirements that are relevant to your work with young people, including those of your and other relevant organisations
  2. Youth Participation theory, knowledge and principles
  3. methods and tools suitable for planning youth work activities
  4. processes and techniques for designing and developing activities with young people
  5. the importance of designing activities which take account of the methods of learning preferred by those participating, and how to do this
  6. how to identify and overcome barriers to effective learning and activities and methods for addressing these
  7. the types of settings and resources required for activities, and opportunities, options and constraints towards obtaining these within budget and time requirements
  8. ways of encouraging young people to participate in agreed activities
  9. why it is important to monitor the group dynamic for conflict and how to address this promptly and fairly
  10. effective ways of working with and involving young people in the setting of criteria for monitoring and evaluation of activities
  11. how to recognise achievement, and to provide positive and constructive feedback to young people
  12. the values and principles underpinning youth work in relation to the requirements of this standard


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