Plan set construction for live productions

Business Sectors (Suites): Technical Theatre and Live Productions - Stage, Sound, Lighting & Visuals
Developed by: Creative & Cultural Skills
Approved on: 30 Mar 2018


This Standard is about preparing detailed, accurate and practical plans of how to meet the design requirements in consultation with other members of the team, working within the practical constraints (for example, time, budget, venue, equipment and expertise available) and meeting creative requirements (for example, look, style, period or feel).

This Standard is for you if you plan set construction for live productions.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. seek information from reliable sources to identify design requirements and deal with any information that is ambiguous or incomplete
  2. use information from reliable sources to identify factors that will impact on planning, budgeting, supply, health and safety and final design
  3. specify the type and purpose of the set components required in approved formats
  4. prepare realistic estimates of materials, tools and equipment for set manufacture
  5. specify materials with characteristics which meet design requirements
  6. record requirements in appropriate formats for productions
  7. check the details of your requirements with relevant people and make any necessary amendments
  8. make and justify proposals for set construction and confirm them with decision makers
  9. schedule the manufacturing of sets so that finished sets are available when required
  10. obtain sufficient materials and make appropriate supply arrangements
  11. identify tasks required to manufacture sets and assign them to people with the appropriate skills
  12. confirm that manufacturing facilities are available, safe and secure
  13. keep records in approved formats to monitor expenditure and budget use, providing appropriate people with information as required
  14. use reliable information to recognise and anticipate budget overspend, identifying the reasons for it and agreeing action to deal with it

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. how to identify requirements from drawings, references and other documents including design briefs and scripts/scores
  2. the production requirements, constraints and deadlines including financial and resource constraints 
  3. stage terminology and its meaning including upstage, downstage, stage left and stage right
  4. who is responsible for the creative and technical requirements on the production and the lines of communication
  5. how to record information so that it can be used and understood by other people
  6. current regulations, environmental and health and safety considerations including those relating to construction design and management
  7. methods for identifying style and design requirements from drawings, models and samples
  8. why it is important to note any specific requirements requested by relevant people and what to do about these
  9. types of factors that may affect planning, budgeting, supply and health and safety
  10. how to clarify unclear or incomplete information
  11. sources of information on manufacturing or painting facilities, including their safety features
  12. alternatives to realising set designs
  13. any special or mechanical effects required and how they could be achieved
  14. how to negotiate requirements
  15. reports required by decision makers
  16. how to deal with threats to quality, output and the schedule
  17. relevant aspects of legal and statutory requirements affecting manufacturing
  18. how to adjust plans to work within the limitations of different venues
  19. when it is appropriate to share information with others
  20. the types of drawings used relevant to your work, how they interrelate and how to extract dimensional or statistical information from them
  21. the symbols, terminologies and conventions used for electrical, mechanical or electronic drawings and specifications


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