Produce jewellery, silverware or engraving templates from detailed specifications

Business Sectors (Suites): Jewellery Manufacture, Silversmithing and Allied Trades
Developed by: Creative & Cultural Skills
Approved on: 14 Aug 2015


This standard covers the skills to locate, read and extract information from drawings and specifications.  You will be required to obtain drawings and specifications and to interpret their meaning. This will involve a practical understanding of symbols, and technical terms used so that a correct interpretation can be made.

It also involves developing drawings from your own ideas and not just working from existing drawings.  These drawings and designs will then be used to make templates in order to produce finished pieces of jewellery, silverware or engraving.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. source drawings and specifications to use in jewellery, silverware or engraving in line with project needs
  2. interpret the information from drawings and specification in line with project needs
  3. undertake action to resolve issues where there are gaps the information obtained in line with project needs
  4. use the information obtained to monitor the quality of the product so it meets the specification in line with project needs
  5. develop detailed drawings from own ideas in line with project needs
  6. make templates of jewellery, silverware or engravings from detailed drawings and specifications in line with industry best practice

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. how to review and extract dimensional or statistical information from technical drawings
  2. common symbols, terminologies and conventions used within the drawings and specifications
  3. drawing scales and tolerances
  4. how to produce detailed drawings by hand and by computer
  5. how to make templates
  6. industry best practice in using detailed specifications within chosen jewellery industry
  7. how to select material requirements for manufacture of the project piece
  8. where to find sources of information about drawings and specifications


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14 Aug 2018





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Creative & Cultural Skills

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Design Associate Professionals, Skilled Trades NEC

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Jewellery; design; technique; production; manufacturing; silverware; engraving