Produce enamelled surfaces

Business Sectors (Suites): Jewellery Manufacture, Silversmithing and Allied Trades
Developed by: Creative & Cultural Skills
Approved on: 14 Aug 2015


This standard covers the skills to produce a decorative surface using different enamelling techniques. These techniques could include cloisonné and champlevé using basic carving and acid etching. You will produce enamel using different metals and surface types to achieve a variety of finishes.  This standard also includes preparing the qualities of Britannia and fine silver.

In producing enamelled products, you will be required to work to instructions and to use a range of hand tools and a variety of techniques, appropriate to the style of enamelling.

During, and on completion of, the enamelling, you will be expected to visually check the quality of your work. You will need to report and seek guidance on any defects, the appropriate action to rectify them, and to ensure that the finished work meets the given specification which may include timescales.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. enamel work pieces on a range of metals for different projects in line with industry best practice
  2. perform enamelling *to a given *design on a range of surfaces in line with project needs
  3. conduct enamelling using a range of techniques and hand tools **in line with project needs
  4. produce texture with engraving tools and acid etching prior to enamelling in line with industry best practice
  5. prepare the qualities of standard, Britannia, and fine silver in line with workplace instructions
  6. complete procedures of fabricating pieces for enamel in line with project needs
  7. complete initials checks that the completed enamelling is dimensionally accurate, proportionally correct and meets the specification in line with the needs of the project
  8. seek support and guidance when problems arise in line with workplace instructions
  9. check the work for defects in line with project needs
  10. take action to rectify any defects detected in line with workplace instructions
  11. complete the work to the given specification in line with workplace instructions

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. safety precautions to be taken when enamelling surfaces
  2. safe storage, handling and disposal of chemicals used in the workshop
  3. safe operation and maintenance of machines and hand tools
  4. enamelling terminology
  5. how to identify different techniques of enamel in any given piece
  6. uses of transparent enamel on a range of *textured *surfaces
  7. hand tools used in enamelling and how to use them
  8. how to copy designs
  9. how to produce multiples of a given design using casting, photo etching and die stamping techniques
  10. how to increase and reduce designs
  11. firing temperatures for different metals and enamel
  12. basic carving and cutting techniques
  13. etching techniques
  14. correct fabrication procedure for enamel including thickness of metal, high melting solder, fittings and findings
  15. surface preparation of metals
  16. how to wash and grind enamel to different forms and layouts
  17. the use of ultra violet (UV) cured resin products
  18. finishing process for both enamels and metals
  19. sequence of application to remove enamels
  20. how to check that the enamelling meets the needs of the specification
  21. best practice in enamelling within chosen industry
  22. the importance of following the given specification and timescales
  23. common defects and ways to rectify these
  24. who to ask for support and when to do so


1.         Enamel work metals can include:

    1. silver
    2. gold
    3. copper

2.         Enamelling surfaces can include:

    1. flat
    2. concave
    3. convex
    4. cast surfaces

3.         Enamelling techniques such as:

    1. cloisonné
    2. champlevé using basic carving and acid etching

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Jewellery; design; technique; product; manufacture; enamel; surfaces; carving; etching; metals; enamelling