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Business Sectors (Suites): Cultural Heritage
Developed by: Creative & Cultural Skills
Approved on: 30 Mar 2022


​This standard is about preparing exhibitions or displays according to agreed designs. This is primarily for creative or cultural organisations but could be used by any organisation that prepares exhibitions or displays.

It includes preparing sites, briefing others involved, obtaining, handling, and positioning exhibition or display content, dealing with delays, labelling content, putting up visitor signage, completing records and complying with health and safety and security procedures. It does not cover work that would need to be completed by a specialist mechanic, electrician, or builder.

This standard could be for operations, visitor services, project, curatorial staff, or anyone else involved in the preparation of exhibitions or displays.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. ​use information from reliable sources about agreed designs of exhibitions or displays, seeking any required clarification from relevant people
  2. identify and obtain the resources that are necessary to prepare sites
  3. brief anyone involved with preparation work with sufficient information for them to carry out their required role
  4. prepare sites according to specified designs
  5. take prompt corrective action in the event of delays or other contingencies
  6. record accurate information relating to the preparation of sites and pass it to appropriate people
  7. check required content is available and all authorisations have been obtained for them to be included in exhibitions or displays
  8. handle content according to organisational guidelines and procedures
  9. position content to assist interpretation in line with exhibition or display designs
  10. position content and supporting information to meet the requirements of users
  11. position content to take account of any specific needs to conserve it and any likely changes in circumstances
  12. link identification marks and labels securely and appropriately to content
  13. complete clear and accurate records of the location of content in organisational documentation systems
  14. ensure that visitor instructions are in appropriate places to ensure the safety and flow of visitors and security of content
  15. complete preparation activities in line with agreed designs and schedules
  16. ensure that preparation activities are carried out in line with organisational health and safety procedures

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. ​where to seek information about designs
  2. the types of resources that are needed for the preparation of exhibition or displays and the resource constraints and timescales
  3. how to record information on the preparation of sites, and who should be informed
  4. the health and safety regulations and procedures that should be met
  5. how to identify the skills needed for preparing exhibitions and displays
  6. the information needed by others involved and how and how to brief them
  7.  the authorisation that is needed to position content and information
  8. where to access handling guidelines and procedures
  9. where to obtain information about special requirements for preserving or protecting content
  10. the factors that assist interpretation and increase interest and enthusiasm
  11. what action is possible in the event of different contingencies
  12. the likely changes in circumstances relating to the exhibition, content, and information
  13. how to secure identification marks and labels to content
  14. how and where to record the location of content
  15. the uses of the different visitor signage in use in the organisation and where to obtain it
  16. the health and safety and security implications of the preparation process


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30 Mar 2026





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Archaeology and Archaeological Sciences, Artistic and Literary Occupations, Arts, Media and Publishing, Conservation Associate Professionals, Crafts, Creative Arts and Design, Leisure and Travel Service Occupations, Media and Communication, Performing Arts, Publishing and Information Services

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