Assist with the development and delivery of learning activities for a creative or cultural organisation

Business Sectors (Suites): Cultural Heritage
Developed by: Creative & Cultural Skills
Approved on: 30 Mar 2022


​This standard is about assisting with the development and delivery of learning activities in a creative or cultural organisation. Learning activities could be related to education and interpretation programmes, exhibitions, events, or any other context where learning is involved.  

It includes responding to enquiries, researching information about other activities and audiences, contributing to planning, presenting learning activities and collecting information for evaluation.

This standard is for anyone in a creative or cultural organisation who assists with the development and delivery of learning activities.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. ​provide accurate information in answer to enquiries about learning opportunities
  2. maintain information about individuals who have attended learning activities on organisational systems in line with data protection legislation
  3. use appropriate sources to carry out research to inform planned learning activities
  4. document clear and accurate results of research in line with organisational requirements
  5. make contributions to planning learning activities that are within your expertise and experience
  6. identify and use appropriate communication methods to inform relevant staff of planned learning activities at appropriate times
  7. follow organisational processes to work with other people to obtain objects and structures required for learning activities
  8. maintain the security of objects and structures in line with organisational processes
  9. work in line with relevant legislation and organisational procedures to maintain the health, safety, security, inclusivity and safeguarding at all times
  10. use appropriate methods to identify the needs of learning activity participants, checking results with the person in charge
  11. communicate details about learning activities to participants in appropriate levels of detail for their needs
  12. present learning activities at a pace and level appropriate for participants, encouraging them to ask questions
  13. interact with participants in line with organisational customer care requirements at all times
  14. use appropriate mechanisms to collect feedback from participants to be used in evaluation

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. ​the range of different learning activities on offer in the organisation who they are for, and when they are scheduled
  2. how to research previous and potential learning activities of own and other similar organisations
  3. how to communicate clearly by email, phone and social media platforms with potential participants
  4. how to collect and record information about those who have attended learning activities
  5. how to identify participants and their needs
  6. how to brief others on learning activities
  7. the arrangements for access to objects and areas of your building
  8. the security arrangements and care of items used in learning activities
  9. the potential challenges encountered by visitors with mobility, hearing or sight impairment and neurodivergent conditions and different community groups and the different strategies available to enable them to access activities so they are inclusive
  10. how to deliver high quality customer care, responding to the needs of participants
  11. techniques for presenting information in an interesting and lively manner
  12. how to help encourage participants to actively contribute to activities, explore ideas and challenge their thinking
  13. techniques for budgeting, planning, and purchasing learning materials and equipment
  14. how to identify risks and mitigations and prepare for unforeseen circumstances
  15. mechanisms for collecting feedback
  16. how to evaluate before, during and after learning activities
  17. organisational procedures relating to accessibility, diversity and inclusivity, security, health and safety, data protection and safeguarding
  18. who you need to report to and when to communicate with them


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30 Mar 2026





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Creative and Cultural Skills

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