Develop and deliver co-productions with communities for a creative or cultural organisation

Business Sectors (Suites): Cultural Heritage
Developed by: Creative & Cultural Skills
Approved on: 30 Mar 2022


‚ÄčThis standard is about developing and delivering co-productions with communities for a creative or cultural organisation. Co-productions can be in relation to events, learning, interpretation or any other relevant activities within the remit of the organisation. It can be used alongside any appropriate standard about events or learning and interpretation.

It includes identifying opportunities, clarifying expectations, agreeing, and documenting objectives, format, timescales, budget and deliverables, consulting with, briefing and updating others, delivering agreed actions and gaining feedback for evaluation.

This standard is for anyone who is involved with developing and delivering co-productions with communities for a creative or cultural organisation.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

  1. ‚Äčidentify opportunities for co-productions that fall within the remit of your organisation
  2. take sufficient time to clarify your expectations and those of communities
  3. work with key community stakeholders and individuals to identify the objectives and format for co-productions
  4. agree realistic timescales, deliverables, and budget for co-productions with key stakeholders, individuals, and organisations
  5. ensure that your responsibilities and your organisation's responsibilities for design and delivery of co-productions can be met
  6. document and formalise roles, responsibilities, deliverables, time, and budget for co-productions in line with your organisation's procedures, consulting with contractual specialists when required
  7. anticipate problems that might arise during co-productions, sharing concerns with key community representatives at appropriate times to prevent any foreseeable problems
  8. consult with and brief appropriate people in your organisation about co-productions
  9. keep community representatives up to date about your progress with actions that have been allocated to you or others in your organisation
  10. provide support and advice to community representatives to meet their responsibilities for co-productions that is within the remit of you and your organisation
  11. deliver agreed services, products, or work on time and to budget
  12. establish processes that support ongoing collaboration with communities
  13. gain feedback from community representatives and community members at appropriate times to inform future approaches to co-productions

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the importance and benefits of co-productions
  2. how to develop partnerships and when partnership working can benefit the aims of your organisation and local communities
  3. why it is important to clarify yours and others' expectations
  4. project planning techniques including identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation and community stakeholders and groups
  5. what can and cannot be delivered by your organisation
  6. who to consult with and brief in your organisation about the different aspects of co-productions including budgets, marketing and other departments and individuals involved in design and delivery
  7. when a contract or letter of agreement is required and how to develop this documentation to protect both parties
  8. how to negotiate work responsibilities and produce a project plan
  9. how to anticipate the types of problems and range of disagreements that can occur when working with others
  10. where to get specialist advice on contracts and letters of agreement
  11. the importance of good project management, time management and strong communication skills
  12. how to keep community stakeholders and individuals updated about your progress and work
  13. processes to encourage ongoing collaboration and how to gain agreement and support for them

  14. why it is important to give and receive constructive feedback, and how to make use of feedback


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