Approve Completed Electrical Installation Work In Dwellings

Business Sectors (Suites): Electrotechnical
Developed by: BSE Skills
Approved on: 31 Mar 2019


This standard is for Individuals who are responsible for approving that completed electrical installation work in "Dwellings" is in compliance with Building Regulations (England and Wales) and the identified category of the electrical installation work and its specification.

This standard is about the technical competencies involved with interpreting requirements from work specifications, monitoring the progress of electrical installation operatives for whom you are responsible in the workplace, and ensuring that relevant technical, regulatory and safety issues are complied with appropriately

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

1.    identify from the work specification what materials and plant and equipment are required in order to carry out the work efficiently, effectively and safely

2.    plan and confirm a programme of work with relevant people which includes effective co-ordination with the work of other contractors

3.    confirm that the correct amount and type of materials are available for the electrical installation work to be undertaken

4.    allocate duties and responsibilities to electrical installation operatives to make best use of their skills and job capabilities

5.    instruct the electrical installation operatives about their duties and responsibilities clearly and concisely

6.    ensure that all your communications are clear, accurate and appropriate to the situation

7.    ensure that all documentation is in accordance with relevant organisational and regulatory requirements and is legible, accurate and within given timescales

8.    monitor that the work of electrical installation operatives is

  • safe
  • resource-effective
  • within the programme of work and meets industry standards

9.    ensure that inspection, testing and commissioning activities are carried out

  • safely
  • resource-effectively
  • within the programme of work
  • in accordance with industry recognised working practices
  • in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements including:

    • Building Regulations (England and Wales)
    • BS7671 Change to British Standard 7671:2008

10.  ensure that safe and appropriate action is taken promptly where a non- compliance is identified during the programme of work

11.  recognise and comply to the scope and limits of your responsibility and job role

12.  liaise with the relevant person to resolve issues which are outside the scope of your job role

13.  ensure that the work on completion is safe, complies with both the work specification, industry standards and is fit for purpose

14.  confirm that correct procedures for the completion and dissemination of necessary documentation has been adhered to;

  • Inspection, testing and commissioning (Installation certification)
  • Hand-over documents

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

1.    the scope, purpose and requirements of the identified category of electrical installation work with which you are involved

2.    how to interpret the work specification to identify the required materials, plant, equipment and accessories

3.    how to plan a programme of work from the work specification

4.    safety requirements with regard to other contractors and your ability to re-schedule work to co-ordinate with their requirements

5.    the material schedule and how to confirm you have the right type and quantity for work to start

6.    the skills and capabilities of the electrical installation operatives for whom you are responsible

7.    how to plan the work allocations, duties and responsibilities of electrical installation operatives for whom you are responsible

8.    how to communicate with others including electrical installation operatives clearly and concisely

9.  how to be effective when communicating with and responding to others

10.  organisational and regulatory requirements for completing the necessary documentation and how to ensure clarity, accuracy and completion within schedule

11.  the scope for carrying out and improving the work whilst maintaining safety, resource-effectiveness and remaining within the programme of work

12.  the relevant industry standards for work carried out in electrical installation operations

13.  how to interpret and respond to a risk assessment and monitor changing conditions in the workplace

14.  the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of instruments used to inspect, test and commission electrical installation work in "Dwellings"

15.  the importance of calibrating instruments at regular intervals

16.  the requirements, procedures and methods of

  • inspection
  • testing and commissioning
  • interpreting, completing and disseminating relevant documentation (e.g. Installation Certification) as applied to the electrical installation work in "Dwellings"

17.  how to deal with non-compliances occurring within

  • inspections
  • testing
  • commissioning as applied to the electrical installation operations with which you are involved

18.  the scope of your job role and when to involve someone with higher responsibility/accountability

19.  how to confirm that on completion the electrical installation work you are responsible for is fit for purpose, safe and complies with industry standards and regulatory requirements

20.  the importance of using personal protective equipment and safe appropriate tools for specific jobs

21.  the procedures for reporting any potentially dangerous situations or incidents

22.  isolation procedures before connection, inspection, test and commission work is undertaken

23.  industry approved practices and instruments for confirming a supply is not present

24.  your legal responsibilities for health and safety as required by the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Electricity At Work Regulations and all other relevant rules, regulations, standards and safe working practices appropriate to working in "Dwellings"


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