Plan and develop housing related services

Business Sectors (Suites): Strategic Housing
Developed by: Asset Skills
Approved on: 27 Feb 2015


​This standard is for you if you have a job role within a local authority, housing group or housing association, which involves the planning and development of housing related services. Housing related services can be wide ranging i.e., maintenance services; supporting independence; support services; community services or income maximisation support. You will need to plan and develop services which are high quality, cost effective, meet the requirements of the organisation’s business plan and in line with its policies and procedures.   The development of services must be needs-led. There will also be the requirement for collaborative working partnership of multiple agencies and service users.  You will also contribute to the procurement and contracting process.

Performance criteria

You must be able to:

​P1 assess current and future need for housing related services by  gathering, analysing and evaluating data and intelligence from a variety of sources
P2 audit the housing related service needs of all groups living in the local population
P3 engage and consult with existing service providers who are delivering services locally
P4 engage and consult with service users to obtain feedback on current performance of housing related services
P5 work in partnership with a wide range of agencies to plan and develop future and current housing related services, including services that support independent living across all tenures in line with national and local policies
P6 carry out  impact assessments on services to measure value for money and social impact 
P7 develop a written specification of requirements for procurement purposes taking into account budgetary constraints, added value benefits such as community benefit clauses and any notice requirements for current service providers
P8 contribute to the tendering process for contracts and ensure that procurement is according to organisational and current legal requirements
P9 establish monitoring procedures to review the cost effectiveness and quality of the service

Knowledge and Understanding

You need to know and understand:

​K1 how and where to access data and information
K2 the types of data and information available
K3 the definition of housing related services
K4 the different types of services which can be provided
K5 the definition of needs led provision
K6 the processes and methods for conducting audits and impact assessments
K7 different consultation methods for effective engagement with service users
K8 the range of agencies involved in the delivery of housing  services including internal service provision
K9 the purpose and structure of procurement specifications
K10 budgetary requirements for the planning and development of services
K11 types of community benefit clauses
K12 organisational procurement services and processes
K13 organisational procedures for the on-going monitoring of services
K14 how to conduct service performance reviews
K15 how to set and manage budgets
K16 keep up to date with relevant government housing legislation, policy and strategy frameworks for the country you operate in


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housing services; needs-led planning; service users